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The NFT collection “The Beginning” by XRP Consultants is a Symbolic Tribute to Everyone Who Stands for Freedom and Truth

XRP consultants LLC sets out to preserve the efforts for freedom and liberty by the Canadian convoys through its NFT collections as a way of tribute.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, CANADA, June 29, 2022 / -- XRP Consultants LLC, A crypto educational platform that is dedicated to bringing awareness to the prospects of cryptocurrency, especially the opportunities NFTs have to offer, has released a dedicated NFT collection of 990 1-2D pieces. The NFT is unique in the accord that instead of being ambiguous in nature, it is dedicated to the remembrance of a real-world event that signifies the resolve of the Canadian people to stand by the truth, freedom, and liberty.

The crypto educational platform, XRP consultants is ready to launch its collection of 990 1-2D pieces. The NFTs are one of their kind in the NFT space that represent an event with a historical attachment. The designer of the NFTs Tiger Den is optimistic about its motivating impact on the public and the freedom seekers of the Whole world. Soon to be launched this August 2022, the project will become an appreciation to the freedom convoy of Canada who has stood for freedom, liberty, truth, and peace.

The owner of XRP Consultant Erland Edwards expressed his support for the Freedom Convoy:

"The Canada Trucker Convoy is a symbol of Freedom of Expression. Canadians used their right in various regions across the country. The protest has become historically significant because the citizens from various parts of the country have united together to raise their voice against discrimination and injustice. Moreover, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms marks a line balance between individual freedoms and collective interests.”

Context of the Event

It will not be unjust to tie the protest to the public anger against the liberal party Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau who has been in power since 2015. Most of the conservative members loath him specifically in the most conservative province in the country, Alberta. The first convoy marched in January from the Western part and the protesters from the various other parts started joining as well.

According to the convoy organisers, the federal government requirement urged them to move to the protest. The government required the drivers to be completely vaccinated for avoiding the quarantine of 14 days after re-entry from the USA. The demonstrators are demanding an end to all vaccine mandates and various other restrictions like mask requirements. Most of the protesters have also demanded the resignation of Justin Trudeau.

The response from the government has incensed the chaos further because Trudeau is not willing to lift the ban and he calls the protesters derogatory labels like "fringe" which implies a person believing in conspiracy theories and they wear "tinfoil hats".

Countless protesters had descended on the city of Ottawa and there are around 400 trucks in front of the parliament buildings as well. The protesters have been peaceful so far but Mayor Jim Watson has declared a state of emergency expressing his concern that the protesters have become a threat to them and the safety of the residents. Moreover, the government also had put sanctions on more than 30 crypto wallets that were linked with the “freedom convoy” of the truckers.

The federal police agencies have been investigating the crypto donations that were supporting the protest against the vaccine mandate of Canada. Justin Trudeau declared the protests as illegal through the Emergencies Act. This act is implemented first time since 1988. This action from the government is an unfair treatment to the freedom supporters and that’s the reason their struggle must be preserved.

“The Beginning” Collection and Benefits to the Holders

Erland Edwards assigned Tiger Den to design the artwork for "The Beginning with the aim to support the freedom convoy. The artist has done an amazing job which Mr. Edwards has appreciated and shown optimism that its aesthetic will capture the fancy of the public. Tiger Den has designed 990 1-2d pieces which are ready to be released in 10 editions with no less than 33 variations. The Canadian public is about to embrace the worldwide trend of NFTs. This project focuses on penetrating the Canadian public which will provoke them to use NFTs as well and in return, the public will be able to obtain several benefits from the block chain itself.

Despite the Canadian public as a target audience, “The Beginning” has a universal appeal to it. The project is primarily focusing on highlighting and motivating the Canadian protesters but the project also motivates and supports everyone around the globe who is struggling for freedom or liberty. The holders will take pride in being a part of the protest for freedom. The NFT will give you a chance to express your support for the freedom seekers as well. Moreover, the NFT has also supported the UFC athletes, social truckers, veterans, the XRP army, and others. Everyone can find the project at the following address:

• Nifty
• Open Sea
• Solo genic (DEX, XRPL)
• (NFT)

Despite of the several restrictions from the government, Erland Edwards expresses his faith in the Canadian Public to continue the rightful protest. XRP Consultant praises the public according to the current situation of the Canadian freedom convoy,

” In 2022, historical events in Ottawa, Canada will be preserved. This is a tribute to those in the convoy who stood up for freedom. 18+, all genders, all educational levels, Canadians, and all individuals who stand up for truth society, and freedom”

About “The Beginning”

The project name "The beginning" refers to the new start of the Canadian era after the protests, as all Canadians will get their right to self-determination and freedom in the country. The collection is an endeavour to preserve the historical event in the digital form and it will become a symbol of peace, liberty, and freedom all the people who have been on the whitelist will get various giveaways to support the enthusiasm of the participants as well.

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