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Dr. Margaret Aranda - Takes Part in the 2022 ALA Annual Conference - Displaying her Authored Medical Book

Guidebook to Low Back Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment

Guidebook to Low Back Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment By Dr. Margaret Aranda

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We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

We Make Stories Come To Life Through Self Publishing

Dr. Margaret Aranda - Takes Part in the 2022 ALA Annual Conference - Displaying her Authored Medical Book

Dr. Aranda has had success in improving quality of life for many with this unfortunate diagnosis with her protocols. Thank you for this comprehensive book, Dr. Aranda!”
— Kris from Amazon Customer Reviews
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2022 / -- The Guidebook to Low Back Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment written by Dr. Margaret Aranda, MD, PhD, will be on display at the 2022 American Library Association Annual Conference from June 24th to 27th, 2022. This guidebook focuses on different ways to pinpoint low-back diagnoses that either existed at birth or were acquired at some point in a person’s life. Additionally, it details various methods of treatment to alleviate, if not completely eliminate, the pain it’s causing to millions of people around the world. In about three weeks, numerous brilliant authors across the country and many more book lovers from all over the world will attend this prestigious event at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and nearby hotels in Washington, D.C.

The author, Dr. Margaret Aranda, is a Stanford and USC-trained anesthesiologist with specialty training in Critical Care and Forensic Science. Throughout her career in the field of Medicine, she has been very passionate about addressing people’s day-to-day health challenges. This passion to help others grew even more after a high-speed car accident involving herself, her then two-year-old daughter, and a distracted driver of the offending vehicle, which occurred over a decade ago. Although Dr. Aranda’s daughter was unharmed, that tragic accident resulted in a traumatic brain injury for the doctor, crippling her for years. At the lowest point of her life, Dr. Aranda lost everything that the world holds dear—one's home, family, and relationships—but also found a profound faith in God through which she was able to see with crystal clear vision the greater purposes and plans God has for her.

Things were not easy for Dr. Aranda and her family, especially during the first months and years following the accident. All the activities that were once easy to fulfill have become so much more demanding of her energy and efforts. She needed more help and support from the people closest to her, more than she ever had before. She spent years in a wheelchair and then in a walker, before finally being able to walk again.

As she started getting her life back after a total of 12 long years of being bedridden and disabled, Dr. Aranda became a strong voice representing the entire population of those living with disabilities, including those that are invisible at first glance. She became a recipient of the Invisible Disabilities Association's Perseverance Award in 2012 and is now the Vice Chair of the organization, continuously serving the purpose she realized several years ago.

To further fulfill her mission of assisting others as a Medical Practitioner and as someone who has personally experienced physical immobility for a while, Dr. Margaret Aranda has written and released Guidebook to Low Back Pain: Diagnosis and Treatment in hopes of answering all back pain-related concerns that could be disrupting people’s lives and quality of living. Dr. Aranda credits Dr. Forest Tennant, Dr. P.H. for showing her a myriad of diagnostic modalities and management plans that enabled her new Pain Protocol to focus on not only covering the pain but from healing its source from the inside out. It includes over-the-counter medications and supplements, as well as opioid and non-opioid prescriptions. Furthermore, the Foreword is by Dr. Tennant, who in turn credits Dr. Aranda back with taking his practices "far beyond" his hopes and dreams.

This guidebook not only teaches you the different forms of back pain, but also provides diagnostic images to help you and your doctor make the right diagnosis, plus some tips on how you can negotiate through Insurance and the medical system to get your formal diagnosis and treatment in the outpatient clinic setting. Dr. Aranda also recommends specific tests, blood work, and studies commonly found with chronic back pain, like adrenal gland, thyroid problems, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

With a proper and accurate diagnosis of your back pain problems, you can also get the most appropriate treatments that would finally allow you to get the sleep and comfort you deserve. All these will lead to what everyone wants to resolve in their pain-filled lives: better self-esteem, a feeling of inclusion in the family, re-established relationships, and increased quality of life.

So, if you suffer from back pain, especially if it is 24/7, or know someone with chronic back pain or Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS), this book is ABSOLUTELY for you.

Grab your copy now via Amazon, and don’t miss your chance of seeing her book exhibited at the 2022 American Library Association Annual Conference.

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