The New Leaf Media Launches a Hollywood Executive Pitch Service

The publishing and PR company is expanding its reach, allowing authors to access a more diverse audience of potential investors

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / -- The New Leaf Media LLC - the results-oriented company connecting self-published authors with business opportunities - is proud to announce the launch of its Hollywood Executive Pitch service which facilitates virtual meetings between its authors and film and TV professionals.

In any given year, up to half of all movies released are adapted from novels or non-fiction books. It is therefore a crucial avenue for every author to explore when they are seeking investment in their work. However, without the right tools or connections, it is easy to miss out on the opportunities presented by Hollywood’s perpetual thirst for new source material.

Thankfully for writers, The New Leaf Media LLC has recently launched a new service that empowers authors to pitch their work to TV and Film executives. New Leaf’s specialist screenwriting team will take a novel and create a framework for its movie adaptation, building a vision that will make an impact on producers and directors.

The Hollywood Executive Pitch is one of several services provided by the Columbus, Ohio-based publishing company, which supports independent writers with branding, publishing, and media. The team is known for taking excellent care of authors and their image and they are the only publisher to offer a risk-free investment with their money-back guarantee program if they are unable to pitch with film executives.

“The solid results they bring is nothing short of having peace of mind. It’s good to have them in your corner; they’ve been like my guardian angels,” says New Leaf client Manuel Pelaez, author of the ‘DARPA’ Series, in a video testimonial available on the company’s website. Like many authors, Pelaez was relieved to partner with the transparent and committed team at New Leaf after several disappointing experiences with other firms. The fruitful partnership has resulted in an increase in organic reviews and generated interest in the rights to a foreign language translation of the ‘DARPA’ installment.

“I am so happy with the service from New Leaf Media. They adapted to my needs and budget much better than my previous publisher. I totally recommend them,” Karyn Ward, another client and author of ‘Why Does Mummy Cry’, explains what sets apart her experience with New Leaf Media LLC.

To learn more about The New Leaf Media LLC and the variety of services it offers to authors at every stage of their careers, click here.

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