Safecret Launches New Feature to Enhance Its Platform, Giving Users More Control of Final Messages to Loved Ones

Safecret delivers comfort to loved ones left behind through heartfelt messages

Anup Kattel, Founder of Safecret

The messaging app's newest feature allows users to configure emergency contacts to better manage when and how final messages are sent to loved ones

My hope is that Safecret changes our perceptions of death and offers even a little bit of comfort in one of life’s most challenging moments.”
— Anup Kattel
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, June 20, 2022 / -- Thinking about our death can be disconcerting. Fearing that we'll depart this life without letting loved ones know how we feel is a fear many people harbor. But thanks to the newest updates to the Safecret app, people can ensure that those they love know how they really felt about them in life through its messaging platform and emergency contact updates.

Safecret was launched in November 2021 and went live with its mobile app in March 2022. It aims to take some of the fear and uncertainty out of death by helping people have the peace of mind that any final messages they want to share with loved ones are communicated to them even after they are gone. The app allows users to write any message, including letters, poems, song lyrics, and more, to special people in their lives. Once the user departs, the personalized message is sent to the intended recipient, giving them comfort and helping their loved one’s legacy live on.

With the release of expanded emergency contact configuration, Safecret now allows users to request a manual wellness check before sending out final messages to recipients, ensuring that they are appropriately released. With these updates, app users can input emergency contact information and inactivity times that will trigger notifications. If the user does not log into the Safecret system for the user-specified amount of time, the app will send mobile and email notifications. If there is no response from the user, the Safecret team will perform a manual wellness check by contacting the user’s emergency contacts. If they confirm the user has passed away, Safecret will then deliver the messages to their intended recipients.

Anup Kattel, a Sydney-based engineer and entrepreneur, developed the app after his own experiences with losing loved ones. As a teen, Kattel lost someone close to him to cancer, and his cousin also passed away six years ago. His cousin was 25, and his death was unexpected.

"Losing my cousin so unexpectedly was shocking and filled my entire family with grief and so many questions," said Kattel. "He didn’t leave a will, and it left us wondering what his final wishes were and if there was anything he would want us to do to honor his memory. It took me a long time to fully grapple with his death. But I also began to think about if there is something I could do to help make such a grief-filled time a little easier on others.”

Kattel realized that part of the shock and grief from losing a loved one comes from the uncertainty of knowing if those we love really know how we felt about them and if we truly said everything we needed to in life. Moved by the desire to help overcome these uncertainties, he leveraged his background in software engineering to create Safecret.

In creating the platform, Kattel also wanted to be sure the app met the highest industry standards of security and safety to protect users' private messages and personal data. Safecret employs AES-256 and HSM RSA-4096 encryption to protect final messages and recipient details.

“My hope is that Safecret changes our perceptions of death and offers even a little bit of comfort in one of life’s most challenging moments,” added Kattel. “Our newest feature lets our users exercise more control over their final words, and we’re looking at additional updates in the coming weeks to further enhance the platform.”

Safecret is available for download on iOS and Android devices. To learn more about Safecret, visit

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