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Expert Soheil Nazari-Kangarlou discusses tips on how to expand and grow your business

Soheil Nazari-Kangarlou is a managing partner of Gainful Solutions, which has the intention of providing custom-tailored guidance to businesses.

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2022 / -- Soheil Nazari-Kangarlou is a managing partner of Gainful Solutions. He co-founded the company Gainful Solutions with the intention of providing custom-tailored solutions and guidance to businesses and politicians. Soheil has a focus on political, social, and economic evaluations in distinct global markets. He and his team discover and provide a wide range of services, including government relations and public affairs, international business development, communications, and campaigns and advocacy.

Soheil Nazari was able to found and manage as a partner at Gainful Solutions because of his extensive experience.

Soheil has over three decades of experience working within the domestic and international markets. He has served as an advisor to various enterprises and heads of governments throughout the globe, working within the fields of energy, construction, oil and gas, financing, commerce, telecommunications, technology, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution services. Soheil's expertise lies in international diplomacy and global business operations; he utilizes this knowledge to provide valuable insights to his clients. Soheil is an expert in business expansion and growth and understands how to create value for businesses in new markets. Below are Soheil

Nazari’s top tips to expand and grow your business.
1. Create a Clear and Concise Business Plan: The easiest mistake that could be made by a
business owner can be made before even starting the business. Not having a business
plan could lead to multiple problems such as: inability to appropriately plan, inability to
budget for the needed expenses, investing in incorrect ventures and more. This was an
issue Soheil ran into early on in his career, he states “I did not have a clear strategy to
guide me to success, and did not have the best team behind me because of this. There
was a lot of confusion and I was led off the correct path multiple times. If I were to have
a step-by-step business plan I would be able to account for the various aspects that
come up when first starting a business.” Creating your business on a strong foundation
will give you the strength needed to grow and expand your business.

2. Invest in Your Team: Investing in your team is an investment that will be the leading
factor in expanding your business. Your team is an extension of you, from the
receptionist to the CEO- people who represent your business are extremely important to
the success of your business. When employees are appropriately trained and have a
passion to see the business succeed, they will build relationships and introduce new
customers and clients. Based on the skill of your team these customers and clients will
then refer your business to their friends and family. Networking goes a long way in many
businesses but it begins with your team and making sure they are consistently
representing your brand in a positive way.

3. Invest in Marketing: If no one is aware of your business, is it worth your investment?
Soheil Nazari sees Marketing as a top priority for businesses to grow and expand, he
says, “As a business owner, I think it's important to use a variety of marketing strategies
in order to reach new customers and grow your business. There are opportunities where
traditional marketing, such as networking and print advertising, is appropriate versus
digital marketing tools like search engine optimization and social media marketing will
work best. It is important for a business to dissect their market and the competitors they
face and then create a marketing strategy that is best for them.

Soheil is excited for the future of Gainful Solutions as he believes his years of experience are the perfect foundation for advising and creating strategies for his clients to see success. His expertise in a variety of fields make him a trusted voice in many spaces. “There is much to learn, educating yourself is the biggest tool you can use to succeed. Reading a book, listening to a podcast, networking are all great ways to keep yourself informed, never stop learning” says Soheil Nazari.

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