Caregivers Make a Huge Difference in Peoples' Lives

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Providing quality care to seniors in their homes is what most agencies and caregivers consider a fundamental goal.

If you have a caring, loving spirit and find joy in helping others, you possess key characteristics that are essential to being a Comfort Keeper!”
— Andrew Busa

NEWTON, MA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2022 / -- Comfort Keepers is one of the largest in-home care agencies, providing trained professional in-home caregivers to Wellesley and the area. Caregivers are the key to making a significant difference in people's lives. Caregivers can be trusted confidants whose job is to help keep their senior charge living independently in their own homes. Comfort Keepers in-home care, unlike other services, is expanding locally and needs caregivers to assist their clients with small duties around the house.

Job Duties of a Professional Trained Caregiver for Senior in-home care.

• Individualized meal plan.

• Preparing meals

• Assisting with personal care and grooming

• Running errands like gathering the mail or shopping

• Light Housekeeping

• Medication reminders

• Walks outside for exercise and fresh air

• Speaking with family members reporting how the senior is getting along

• Socialization

• Playing cards

• Reading

• Activities and social enrichment

• Work on your schedule

• Providing respite care to family caregivers.

This list provides some of the most common duties of professionally trained in-home caregivers. The senior picks what needs that the caregiver should provide. Some clients only need help socializing and to make sure that nourishment and medications have been eaten or taken by the client. Each office is a little different in the services that they do or don’t offer. All of the basic needs and wants are covered. Each office may have advanced services available.

Every office carries its own insurance coverages, pays the caregiver, handles taxes, and deals with arranging scheduling along with other employee benefits. The caregiver only needs to arrive on time, and do their work making sure that the senior in their care is well looked after.

The in-home care service is exploding with opportunity. As people age, they want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Most seniors dread the thought of entering a 3rd party facility like a nursing home. In fact, seniors aged 65 or older account for about 47 million seniors living in the United States of America. According to the 2017 US census.

In 2020 Newsweek awarded its highest marks in the category of “Home-care Services for Seniors”. Three agencies were reviewed, and Comfort Keepers was the top choice in 2020 and 2021. We are anxiously waiting for word about the 2022 rankings.

The following are some of the benefits that are available for employees:

• Pay that is fair

• Work close to home

• Opportunities to keep learning

• Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance

• Paid Vacation

• Mileage reimbursement

• Holiday pay

• Bonuses are given every quarter

Caregivers Positively Impact Their Community. Here is the Comfort Keepers Caregiver credo:

"I am a Comfort Keeper. I am dedicated, caring, and honest, and I promise to do my best in everything I do. I will go into every client's home with a smile on my face, knowing that I will leave them with joy that can't be taken away. Improving the quality of life, giving great care, and being there for them whenever they need me.

The work that our Comfort Keepers do greatly affects the lives of seniors in our area. They are not only meeting the daily needs of seniors, but they are also protecting the seniors' independence and making their lives better Helping to keep a senior living in their home is vital to the caregivers mission. Caregivers can work as much or as little as they prefer. Consider applying today for a caregiver job with Comfort Keepers Wellesley, MA, and the Newton, MA area. Call 617-916-2825 or click for further information ( )

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