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Los Angeles Fashion Production House Shows Would-Be Designers How To Succeed

woman sitting at Los Angeles clothing manufacturer's desk

The Evans Group aims to help would-be fashion designers launch their careers

various fashion sketches used to start a career in fashion

Fashion sketching is a skill to develop for a fashion career

The Los Angeles clothing manufacturer aims to help would-be indie fashion designers find their inspiration.

With each skill, more opportunities are likely to appear for eager designers. In short, [designers] need to be versatile, flexible, and ready for change at the drop of a hat.”
— Jennifer Evans
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2022 / -- In a recent blog post, How To Start A Career In Fashion: Creative Tips, fashion experts at The Evans Group show a few key ways to start one’s fashion career.

While not every fashion career doesn’t start the same or pans out the same for that matter, there are a few ways would-be fashion designers can launch their careers.

The team at TEG offers a few creative tips to get the proverbial ball rolling.

Harnessing The Power Of The Internet

Perhaps unsurprisingly, harnessing the sheer power of social media and the Internet is a massive aspect of launching a fashion career.

“Link up with some fashion companies on a platform like LinkedIn, or talk about the latest trends on Instagram explore page. Social media opens up new opportunities, especially when anticipating new fashion trends.”

And while it seems obvious, TEG states that the Internet is a must-have tool for anyone interested in fashion. It essentially measures the pulse of the entire industry. Additionally, following like-minded creatives and companies is a surefire way to find inspiration for oneself.

“Connecting and engaging in fashion opportunities, networks, and groups is a solid way to build a foundation in the fashion industry going forward.”

And it’s no surprise that the Internet plays such an integral role in starting a fashion career. After all, social media like Instagram, TikTok, and even Pinterest exhibit the latest fashion trends.

All one needs to do is peruse a [curated] page on any platform to see new fashion trends delivered directly to one’s feed. Keeping up to date with various trends is essential to tapping into the fashion world, determining what people will wear next season, and more.

Getting Ahead With A Fashion Mentor

Fashion mentors are professionals who guide new independent designers through the design process. Sometimes, those without prior experience aim to make their way into the industry with a few designs. However, one doesn’t always need an internship, job, or degree.

According to The Evans Group, sometimes all they need is a clothing manufacturer who knows what they’re doing. Enter TEG’s new fashion mentorship program.

“Working with some of TEG’s fashion experts, many of whom have experienced rich and varied fashion careers, are directly at [one’s] disposal. Understandably, new fashion designers have many questions regarding their latest collections.”

TEG’s program aims to take the determination and drive of fashion designers and harness that power to create a clothing line. All with expert guidance.

“Regardless of the progress in the design process, fashion mentors at The Evans Group aim to guide [designers], step-by-step, through creating a fashion collection.”

TEG adds that, while everyone can use a fashion mentor in their corners, designers with zero prior experience are the primary clientele.

“Made especially for people with zero fashion background, it familiarizes and initiates indie designers into the wonderful world of fashion.”

Develop Creative Skills

Perhaps it is no surprise that creative skills give fashion designers a massive boost in their pursuits, but according to TEG, it’s a point worth constantly repeating.

“Developing various skills, whether cutting fabric, sewing, fashion sketching, or using AutoCAD software, creating a gallery of skills will help advertise [oneself]. Likewise, start a blog, vlog, website, or other outlets to put [a] creative voice out into the universe.”

Putting oneself out into the world allows one to show off fashion skills. Again, this ties into the fact that a designer’s best friend is social media in many respects. With social media influencers abound, it’s no surprise that developing a cohesive and compelling online presence is a skill in and of itself to master.

TEG finishes by explaining that rolling with the punches is part and parcel of the fashion industry.

“With each skill, more opportunities are likely to appear for eager designers. In short, [designers] need to be versatile, flexible, and ready for change at the drop of a hat.”

Learning Tricks Of The Trade

When looking to begin a career in fashion, eager designers need to learn tricks of the trade. TEG explains, in a few key ways, how to familiarize oneself with these various tips and tricks.

Whether it’s lingo to help the design process seem a little less confusing, building a comprehensive portfolio, or scoring an internship with a fashion startup, these can help any designer move up the career ladder.

“While not a rigid prerequisite, learning the industry’s terminology can help immensely. It could be something as simple as ‘capsule wardrobes‘ or ‘small batch manufacturers in Los Angeles.’ Learning terminology and jargon will better familiarize fashion designers with the moving parts of apparel manufacturing.”

In short, before diving into the competitive sphere of fashion, learning the fundamentals can make a world of difference.

Designing A Clothing Line With The Evans Group

Another glimpse into the fashion world, courtesy of the noted Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, will undoubtedly serve as a good primer for those new to fashion or simply trying to get their foot in the door.

Helping designers fulfill their design dreams via a well-developed fashion mentorship program, mixed with Los Angeles pattern makers and clothing manufacturers with decades of experience, The Evans Group proves to be an essential resource for launching clothing lines.

More About The Evans Group (TEG)

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers to create luxury clothing.

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