iPhone Screen Replacement Becomes the Most Sought-After Service for Montgomery Repair Shop

The team at XiRepair haven’t yet come across a cracked screen they haven’t been able to fix

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- XiRepair - the Montgomery-based electronics repair and recovery shop serving all 50 states and several countries - is proud to provide a sought-after solution to America’s most common kind of smartphone damage: the cracked screen.

Research finds that 49% of Americans find a cracked phone screen unprofessional, despite the fact that it is the leading type of damage. However, cheap cell phone repair services can be hard to find, leading a majority of users to purchase a new device instead. The team at XiRepair want to change that and they are on a mission to repair the world one device at a time.

It might seem like magic to the average iPhone user, but the electronic repair and recovery shop has an educational blog post showing them what a genuine Apple display repair looks like, step by step. The page addresses common questions about the iPhone repairs and explains the difference between genuine Apple parts and aftermarket options.

The service typically takes between 45 and 60 minutes meaning the XiRepair team are able to perform same day Apple repair services from their two locations in Montgomery, Alabama. The company also receives hundreds of devices mailed-in from all over the US and beyond every day, a testament to the value and reliability they provide.

Educating consumers is an important part of the service offered by XiRepair, helping customers understand that often repairing their devices rather than replacing them is far cheaper and more sustainable. “People are catching on that they can get their battery replaced for $39 rather than buy a new $1,100 device... for the average consumer that's a no-brainer!” Explains XiRepair founder, Jonathan Strange. “You wouldn't believe the damage we see on a daily basis... somehow we always get them fixed!”

To learn more about the screen replacement and other services offered, visit xirepair.com.

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