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Orange County Solar Installer Helps Businesses Save And Grow

logo that says REPOWER OC

REPOWER OC aims to help Orange County businesses go green and save money

closeup of solar panels

Eddie McLaughlin and REPOWER OC aim to help businesses save money and energy

Orange County solar installer REPOWER OC is taking the initiative and helping local commercial businesses save money.

Through solar, and its various initiatives with Southern California Edison (SCE), it has never been easier to embrace solar as the future of energy”
— Eddie McLaughlin
ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / -- Based out of Orange, California, the solar installer is shifting its focus to helping Orange County businesses embrace solar power.

Led by owner Eddie McLaughlin and installation partner Robert Baghdasarian, REPOWER OC aims to equip businesses with solar panels and renewable energy.

“Solar power will help businesses save money in the long run,” says McLaughlin.

“Business owners are already paying nearly twice the national average on utilities, so a company needs to take proactive steps to embrace solar power in Orange County.”

But is solar too costly to consider? Companies need not worry, according to McLaughlin. He points out that business owners can expect a return on investment (ROI) five years post-installation.

“Getting that ROI early on, plus saving on electricity, allows companies to save money and reinvest in their business.”

Solar panels from REPOWER OC have a warranty of 25 years and can last for 30. Solar is a long-term, worthwhile investment from any way one looks at it.
But how much can a business save with an Orange County solar installer? It turns out that by switching to solar, property owners are eliminating sizable costs.

How Much Can Solar Power Save?

Along with heralding an era of clean, renewable energy, solar panels allow business owners to essentially eliminate their electricity bills. With utilities taking up a sizable chunk of business expenses, that’s enough for any business owner to notice.

The team at REPOWER OC doubles down and even informs Orange County residents that switching to solar power has some secondary benefits. Namely, having the public notice a business’s commitment to green energy. It’s a win-win.

“Instead of sinking 30% of a business’s cost into utilities, convert that into renewable energy and reinvest in a business. It’s a great PR move, too. Customers are more aware of environmental costs than before. By opting for clean energy via solar panels, companies communicate to consumers that they’re committed to a cleaner future.”

Once solar panels are up and running, companies can even build credit with utility companies if they’re producing excess solar power.
Installing Solar Panels With REPOWER OC

Those without intimate knowledge of how the solar panel installation process works need not worry. The team at REPOWER OC makes the entire process as easy and streamlined as possible.

First, the REPOWER OC team meets with a business owner to determine which solar panels in Orange County will work best for the specific company. With opinions about how to outfit a property with solar panels, the REPOWER OC team crafts a personalized plan to help save the most money possible. They dedicate time and energy toward examining a property and determining which solar solution is best.

Afterward, the engineering team will get to work on the project. But don’t worry about dealing with the red tape. The team at REPOWER OC takes care of all required permits and paperwork, alerting a property owner if there are any issues. After installation, REPOWER OC inspects the property to ensure everything is up to code.

Once everything is cleared by the utility company, after the Permission to Operate or PTO, a system is active.

“We want every Orange County resident and business owner to start saving money and producing clean energy,” says McLaughlin. “Through solar, and its various initiatives with Southern California Edison (SCE), it has never been easier to embrace solar as the future of energy.”

Along with helping companies take advantage of solar, REPOWER OC works with nonprofits and residential clients in Orange County.

Save With Orange County Solar Installers

Overall, the benefits of solar and using an Orange County solar installer have multiple benefits. Whether running a hotel in Irvine or a car dealership in Huntington Beach, it's a big deal when a business chooses to go solar.

Thanks to California tax incentives and Southern California Edison's willingness to foot the bill for installing EV chargers, California is in a good position.
The state will quickly serve as a shining example to the rest of the country just how effective solar power can be.

With Orange County solar installers at REPOWER OC, homeowners and business owners alike will reap the benefits of an excellent solar panel investment early on. And with California phasing out gas-powered vehicles by 2035, the combination of electric cars and solar power is a winning combination.


REPOWER OC is a team of Orange County solar professionals. With a business model based on saving Orange County residents money, REPOWER OC is dedicated to helping businesses grow with solar power in Orange County.

For more information, visit REPOWER OC’s website.

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