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Jacob Nicotra, Founder of Jacob Nicotra Web Development, Interviewed in Influential People Magazine

Jacob Nicotra was interviewed by Influential People Magazine as a part of their series on technology entrepreneurs

Jacob Nicotra, founder of Jacob Nicotra Web Development, interviewed by Influential People Magazine

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Jacob Nicotra was a natural choice to be featured in Influential People Magazine as part of its series on entrepreneurs in the technology industry.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, June 12, 2022 / -- Jacob Nicotra, founder of Jacob Nicotra Web Development, was recently featured in Influential People Magazine. Jacob Nicotra was a natural choice to be featured in Influential People Magazine as part of its series on entrepreneurs in the technology industry. Influential People Magazine is a leading international business media news source, and a promotional marketing vehicle magazine that features and spotlights business owners, entrepreneurs, invisible heroes, leaders, influencers, celebrities, and humanitarian resources to the media and readers. Its content encourages readers and entrepreneurs to apply actionable advice and develop businesses into industry-leading organizations.

In his interview and article with Influential People Magazine, Jacob Nicotra discusses operating a small business from home in a remote economy. In his article, Mr. Nicotra considers the pros and cons of running a small business remotely, provides tips on how to counteract the negatives, and offers general advice. As noted in his article, some of the pros of working remotely are: a better work-life balance, more freedom, improved employee experience, decreased infrastructure costs, increased productivity, and the ability to hire and retain top talent. Some of the cons of remote work are: not having face-to-face connections, lack of access to information, decreased collaboration, as well as loneliness and isolation.

Mr. Nicotra also offered general advice for running an effective remote business:

“While you cannot meet your clients in person, it is up to you to do your best to emulate the personal connection that forms during physical meetings. I focus on video calls, in which I show my face which looks professional and share my screen to give a live demonstration of the product that I offer. This allows people to see and understand the tailored service that my business provides, more so than a mere phone call or email chain. While operating a remote business, a strong internet connection is vital to host video meetings and perform daily tasks on the web. A quality microphone also goes a long way- and is much more valuable than a quality web camera. People are much more forgiving of a granular video image, than they are of a low quality microphone which can cause echoing, background noise interference, buzzing, and other types of distractions.”

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About Jacob Nicotra
Jacob Nicotra is a full stack developer with a unique background in the medical field as well as years of scientific research. He is passionate about programming and is always looking for ways to optimize back end infrastructure and create seamless, user-friendly experiences. When he is not coding, you can find him hiking, PC & VR gaming, capturing drone footage, or trying out new restaurants and breweries.

Jacob Nicotra is originally from the Chicago Suburbs, including Naperville, Aurora, and Carol Stream. He attended Waubonsie Valley High School in Aurora, Illinois from 2011 to 2015, where he was active in extracurricular activities such as wrestling, model United Nations, and Science Olympiad. After graduating high school, Nicotra attended the University of Pittsburgh for two years, from 2015 to 2017. Jacob then transferred to Elmhurst University, in the Chicago area, from which he graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. While attending Elmhurst, Nicotra was active in the tutoring program and helped hundreds of students to improve in college-level chemistry, biology, calculus, statistics, and physics.

With a strong background in STEM, biochemistry, and thousands of clinical hours, Jacob Nicotra decided to redirect his career in 2021 to pursue a path in the tech industry as a software engineer. After evaluating market trends and employment opportunities, Jacob underwent a 6 month software engineering course. To date, Nicotra has developed 4 full stack web applications, as well as launched an online web development business, focused on building websites for small businesses. He is currently developing an estimation tool for a painting and construction company that will support a streamlined estimate process and help generate new business and increased revenue.

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