Woman-Founded Art Startup GlobalGeniuses Launches IFundWomen Campaign to Positively Impact Emerging Artists' Careers

Rangtiem Hoomkwap, founder of GlobalGeniuses

We are committed to prioritizing underrepresented artists, including Black, people of color, female and disabled artists.”
— Rangtiem Hoomkwap
HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES , June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The World Bank currently values the finance gap between men and women entrepreneurs at around US$1.7tn – confirming the funding needed for many female-led businesses to thrive and bring innovation forward.

For Rangtiem Hoomkwap, founder of GlobalGeniuses, a platform created to empower artists, working with mission-driven individuals is the key to bridging the inequality gap.

To secure the success of her new venture, Hoomkwap launched an IFundWomen campaign to raise both awareness and capital. It is her hope that with the raised funds, she will be in a stronger position to support more artists from all over the world.

“It is extremely challenging to get exposure as a new or emerging artist. This is a problem because, in order to be successful, you need to make sales, and without exposure, it's hard to make sales,” says Rangtiem. She adds, “Because emerging artists aren't making enough money, it makes paying for galleries and agents really challenging.”

With the necessary funds, GlobalGeniuses will be able to implement a blockchain-based technology to help artists gain independence by providing the tools required to market themselves efficiently.

The platform nurtures organic connections within the art community through live art exhibitions; its added networking features allow users to easily share their work and contact other collaborators.

“ [...] we match artists with the right tools and collaborations while helping them gain exposure through our Live Virtual Exhibitions. And we also match art enthusiasts/collectors with artists they want to support and other art collectors for business. We are committed to prioritizing underrepresented artists, including Black, people of color, female and disabled artists,” Hoomkwap explains.

Digital art management is the solution to enhanced visibility, and with a background in music and years of experience in engineering, Rangtiem thoroughly believes in its ability to change the industry.

GlobalGeniuses, through its innovation, paves the way for individuals to skip high gallery commissions and network with a global audience.

To change the status quo and help emerging artists with their careers, support the GlobalGeniuses IFundWomen campaign today and learn more about their work here.

About GlobalGeniuses
Founded by Rangtiem Hoomkwap, GlobalGeniuses is an online art platform that empowers underserved artists to monetize and connect with other artists, art collectors, businesses, or art enthusiasts and gain exposure through its live exhibition feature. An Industrial and Systems Engineer with a background in music, Hoomkwap aims to change the industry and empower creative minds to take control of their careers.

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