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I AM With You

Hearing God Through Poetry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 8, 2022 / -- Karen J Chisholm shares the blessing of poetry from God in her book “I AM with You.” She says these poems are gifts to her in her morning quiet time as she writes out her questions and waits for God’s answers, following God’s instruction to “Write for me, Child.”

The book “I AM with You” is first a gentle wooing to come closer to the Savior, a getting to know God the Father, a quiet immersion into the wonder of the Holy Spirit, and a gentle assurance of acceptance in the Presence of God. The poems in this book are a collection of encouragement and an opening of self to establish connection with the unseen Creator of the universe. When the connection is ongoing, the seeker then confidently shares all manner of thoughts and questions, culminating in confidence in talking to God every morning and an awareness that God really is with us.

Here, Karen J Chisholm generously shares gifts from God that others too may “hear” God’s encouragement as they experience His words of rhyme. From the poem “Your Life is a Prayer” come God’s words . . . “Every day you talk to Me in simple ways others don’t see. . . Always see good, expecting by faith, I receive glory through life lived in Grace.” And from the closing poem: “Wishes” “If wishes were horses . . . ah, but they’re not. Wispy and dreamy and fluffy more like, made up of glory we hope to attain but won’t reach for, aspire to, believe in, or claim. . . “ Chisholm shares that she once asked God, “What do you want me to do with all these notebooks full of poems?” and God answered “Publish!”

Karen J Chisholm has shared her gifts with pastors, evangelists, family, coworkers, and brothers and sisters in Christ and in poetry reading groups. People who hear her read these poems are touched and amazed by the way Chisholm delivers the words of poetry with God’s authority and inflection.

"I AM with You" is the first of three books of poetry from God, followed by “Tough as Nails”, and “Voices”, all poetry inspired by God.

Read more about the inspiring poems of Karen Chisholm I AM with You by purchasing her book on Amazon.

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