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Celebrated Athlete & Entrepreneur Meredith Harper Houston Leads Programs for Optimum Fitness and Health

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 / -- Meredith Harper Houston is a Southern California-based professional athlete, visionary, community leader, and trailblazer for mental health. Meredith Harper Houston embodies focused and purpose-driven leadership committed to setting the athletics world on fire. She has been recognized by the city of Los Angeles for her commitment to leadership in her field. She has received recognition respectfully for her work as a founder of arts-based programs that encompass ballet as a method of rehabilitation and a method to develop optimum fitness.

"Performance has to do with athletic ability and also mental wellness. They all have to be synergistic. Mind, Body, Spirit, and Sports. Every dancer is an athlete and every athlete is a dancer.” says Meredith Harper Houston.

Houston is the founder of two innovative programs, Balletics, a program that encompasses ballet for optimum athleticism for professional athletes, and Swan Within, a nonprofit that implements ballet to mentor victims of sexual exploitation to arrive at a renewal of wellness. In reference to Swan Within, Harper Houston shared, “ These programs came to me in a vision. They are truly inspired by God. As a former victim of abuse, it has taken this much time for me to get comfortable in my body, to be able to use my body as a tool of expression. It’s about elevation and through our programs, we help people level up.”

Meredith Harper Houston continues to make a difference in the lives of athletes and youth with her innovative programs that are changing lives for the better. She has received recognition for her leadership in her field. Her recognitions include the Pioneer Woman of the Year award from the City of Los Angeles and State of California presented by L.A. City Councilmember Mike Bonin, 11th District. She also received the Pioneer Woman of the Year Award signed by Jackie Filla, President of the Los Angeles Commission on the Status of Women.

In addition, she has received a commendation from the County of Los Angeles in recognition of her dedicated service to the affairs of the community-based on her numerous contributions that reflect civic pride with respect to the County of Los Angeles.

Meredith Harper Houston shared this about the innovation of her programs: "We are progressive. Our approach is a new way of educating and artistically introducing excellence in sports. 'Every dancer is an athlete and every athlete is a dancer.' ”

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