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Independent review affirms Emapta’s compliance with US mortgage support standards

Businesses looking to outsource are secure with Emapta, an offshore staffing provider, based on an independent review by MQMR, a leading mortgage audit firm.

MANDALUYONG, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES, June 7, 2022 / -- Businesses looking to outsource parts of their operations are safe and secure in the hands of Emapta, an experienced offshore staffing solutions provider in the Philippines, according to a thorough independent review by leading mortgage audit firm, Mortgage Quality Management and Research, LLC (MQMR).

Emapta, an offshore staffing solutions provider based in the Philippines, is found to meet the strict mortgage standards in the United States, according to a comprehensive independent review by a leading US mortgage audit firm.

The review outlined in the 80-page Vendor Due Diligence Report by the mortgage audit firm, MQMR showed that Emapta meets the criteria and adheres to the best practices of the US mortgage industry when it comes to security management and confidentiality requirements.

Passing the criteria required of the US mortgage industry is no easy feat as it is considered one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. “The regulatory requirements of the mortgage industry cover many, if not all, of the common risk management expectations of any business,” the report added.

Building the organization's credibility as a leading mortgage process outsourcing firm, Emapta has proactively sought an independent review of its operations, a rare move in the industry, to show how it values its relationship with the clients.

“We put a high value on the trust that our clients give us, and we pay them back with transparency and due diligence. The result of the independent review only shows that we are true to every word when we say, we provide enterprise-grade security,” Emapta Founder and CEO Tim Vorbach stated.

HQ Vendor Management, a division of MQMR, published the review in December of 2021. It examined several key areas of compliance, including legal and regulatory compliance, physical security, risk management, human resource management, information technology, and more.

Aside from the assessment of different areas of compliance, the report also listed recommendations for Emapta to improve its services, many of which have been implemented to further elevate Emapta’s standards even higher. The full report is now available for viewing. Interested parties may contact Emapta to access the document.

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