Gardens Wedding Center Brings Multiple Service Providers Under One Roof

The Gardens Wedding Center

Gardens Wedding Center brings together wedding party, ceremony, and reception business vendors to make things easier for couples planning their big day.

We got married there 3 weeks ago, and if I could give this venue more than 5 stars I definitely would!! The venue is beyond beautiful and unique, and the customer service is remarkable!”
— Julie Christensen
ALLENTON, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2022 / -- The US wedding industry market size is evaluated at more than $57 billion for 2022, and the industry witnessed a growth of nearly 2% despite the disruptions brought about by the pandemic. An inherent part of most weddings is the venue. Whether indoor or outdoor, the venue is at the core of defining the theme of an event. For many couples, outdoor venues like a garden are the first preference with many people associating the lush green outdoors with a floral, almost fairytale-like setting. The Gardens Wedding Center is one such wedding venue that is owned and operated by a family.

The near, 3-acre venue has now expanded its services, bringing more service providers under one roof. From decoration specialists to caterers, live bands, and musicians to photographers, all wedding day service providers are now easily accessible with updated contact information and competitive quotes, ensuring couples can easily find everything they need to make their special day easier to organize and make it memorable.

For many guests, different venues for the wedding ceremony and the reception can be a problem. A bigger venue, like sprawling gardens, has the advantage of space to easily host the reception and ceremony, and it is easy to demarcate the venue for the ceremony, reception, dance floor, dining area, reservation for close family members, and different types of decorations. Along with the abundant outdoor venue space, the Gardens Wedding Center Venue offers a historic, four-building complex that was established in 1844. There is a beautiful church that is perfect for wedding ceremonies with its rich woodwork and stained-glass windows. This marriage venue can host everything from, a wedding ceremony to a part, reception, or any other festive gathering and celebration.

Wedding venue decorations can often raise costs beyond the initial estimates. However, with a well-groomed garden as the venue, the surroundings present a unique canvas and it helps to undercut the costs associated with extensive floral arrangements and large-scale decorations to create a backdrop. The Gardens Wedding Center is no different where every month of the year brings new colors and textures in the form of natural flowering patterns and foliage. Serving as the perfect backdrop for candid shots, selfies, and keepsake-type wedding photography, the wedding grounds provide a naturally elegant landscape for every wedding moment with thousands of blossoming flowers and numerous trees. This can also help budget-conscious wedding plans that want to avoid the high-season costs. Even during the off-season, the natural beauty of a garden venue sustains without the rushed bookings or a waiting period.

Garden Wedding Center brings together services providers, such as nearby luxury hotels, bed & breakfast facilities, make-up artists, videographers, still photography specialists, and decoration experts, sharing the information with couples who usually have a lot to juggle for their wedding. Couples can spend more time perfecting every little detail without spending time gathering multiple quotes from different resources. The recommended businesses understand The Gardens which is very different from a typical wedding venue and are accustomed to utilizing the real estate on offer for different types of gatherings, unlike other vendors who can be unfamiliar with the unique ecosystem that The Gardens offers.

About Gardens Wedding Center

A family-owned business with a history of having hosted thousands of weddings, the Gardens Wedding Center is a blend of natural beauty, outdoor venue luxuries, and a heritage church. The four-building complex was established in 1844. The Gardens is easy to locate and drive to, nearly a 35-minute drive from Milwaukee and a 15-minute drive from the West Bend. Not just weddings, the venue also plays host to reunions. The terms & conditions about every aspect of the wedding venue and its facilities are clearly communicated, including onsite rehearsal support, sound system, onsite parking, onsite prep for the bride & groom, access to customize the in-house catering, and access to the bar. The venue connects couples planning their wedding with different service providers, including floral decorations artists and photographers.

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