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Tell us about graduation pathway options

It's the end of the school year, let's reflect. Graduation pathway options went into effect for the Class of 2020, but the last two years have been anything but typical. How, after more than two years in a pandemic, do we see our students' pathways to graduation and life after high school? What can our system set as the standard requirements for achieving the Washington State high school diploma? What do our students need?

We need to know and show your view! How do graduation pathway options reflect the Profile of a Graduate, different types of learning opportunities, and how can they prepare students? Share your view in relation to the Profile of a Graduate, High School and Beyond Plan, different types of learning opportunities, and tell us if you think graduation pathway options prepare students for life beyond high school. Feedback is included in reports to the Board and legislature. 

We want to hear your stories and speak with you! 

Focus groups will collect feedback on what would make the High School and Beyond Plan a better tool for students to make decisions about courses, graduation pathway options, plus other academic and career learning activities.

Please consider participating and sharing with students before they go off for the summer! Please let us know if you need accommodations or translation services to participate.