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Anahuac Transport Expands Business with New Terminal in Wallisville, Texas

Anahuac Transport, Inc., an Anahuac-based trucking company announced its plans for a new terminal in Wallisville, Texas.

ANAHUAC, TEXAS, U.S., May 26, 2022 / -- Anahuac Transport, Inc., an Anahuac-based trucking company and leader in liquid bulk transportation space, announced its plans for a new terminal in Wallisville, Texas.

The booming logistics business has produced an insatiable demand for warehouse space. Still, it has also accelerated growth in the transportation industry, necessitating the construction of new truck terminals with high-volume flow-through capabilities. As a result, investors in commercial real estate are starting to notice and are putting more money into this niche market.

Although investors tend to avoid trucking equities, a small but growing number of companies believe owning truck terminals might be profitable. Companies now promote freight terminals as solid long-term investments and a method for trucking businesses to free up cash to invest in other business areas. However, many formerly considered it a financial snoozer. Furthermore, many developers and real estate investment trusts realize the importance of freight terminals in the logistics supply chain.

Terminals can be interchange sites within the same modal system, ensuring flow continuity. Anahuac Transport, Inc. believes terminals are crucial locations of transition between modes, and the convergence function is a key feature of transportation terminals. They are important places of passage, taking advantage of their geographical location, usually in the middle of commercial flows. As a result, transportation terminals are generated by their individual places' centrality of intermediacy.

Given this, Anahuac Transport, Inc., a transport company specializing in transporting bulk liquid chemical and petroleum products in the United States, believes the new terminal will continue to grow in the gulf coast region. For increased visibility for the new facility, Anahuac Transport, Inc. chose a location adjacent to I-10, offering more jobs for those in Chambers County.

In addition, the company believes more office space from the new terminal will allow for increased staffing levels to accommodate business growth. Besides the new office space, the new facility in Wallisville will also have a shop. The company plans to build both establishments on a 10-acre property and finish the construction in 2023.

Anahuac Transport, Inc. is in Anahuac, TX, United States, and is part of the General Freight Trucking Industry. It strives to set the standard for bulk liquid chemical and petroleum products transportation in the United States.

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