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Product Numbers: W419221004861104; W419221004861105; W419221004861106; W419221004861103

On January 5, 2022, CorneaGen discovered that Cornea Patch Grafts were obtained from a donor who tested reactive for HIV-1/HIV-2 Plus O antibody and were shipped prior to being medically cleared. Additional serology results found the donor to be non-reactive for HIV I/II NAT testing. CorneaGen is voluntarily recalling Corneal Patch Grafts bearing the following product numbers: W419221004861104; W419221004861105; W419221004861106; W419221004861103.

CorneaGen issued a Product Recall Letter dated January 14, 2022. This notification instructs customers who received the Cornea Patch Grafts to review the product lot information and if any affected product remains within their facility to contact the CorneaGen distribution department at or at 1-800-858-2020 to schedule a return and replacement.

ConreaGen issued a second notification letter dated March 18, 2022. This notification informed customers of the reason for the letter dated January 14, 2022, which was the donor of the cornea tested reactive for HIV-1/HIV-2 Plus O antibody and non-reactive for HIVI/II NAT. The March 18, 2022, letter also informed customers that the FDA is recommending that the implanting physician share this notification with the recipients of these grafts, and is recommending that the recipients of these tissue grafts be counselled and tested for anti-HIV-1 and anti-HIV-2 and HIV NAT.

Surgeons who used the affected lot/products should direct their questions or concerns to Christina Cooper at or (206) 278-8274.

The information in this listing reflects CBER’s best efforts to communicate information that has been reported to FDA. Its accuracy and comprehensiveness cannot be guaranteed.