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The Chain of Fear

The Chain of Fear; When Breath Is Stronger than Tears.

The Chain of Fear; When Breath Is Stronger than Tears.

Anitra Marie Simmons, a mindful author from Seattle, WA, announces her debut book "When Breath Is Stronger than Tears."

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2022 / -- The writing unfolds the Survivor's (author) memoir of trauma, grief, healing, and faith. The author shares she lacked parental connection throughout her younger years and repeatedly made poor choices looking for love as she grew into a young woman. Moreover, she experienced debilitating self-doubt as she became involved with a violent partner.

The author reveals her life journey and fear of life to the readers. She shares her experience of the different stages of life: In her infancy age of four, I recall being terrified of being left behind in my ballet class. Mom dropped me off for class, and I was wearing my pink tights and ballet slippers, and I spent the entire lesson staring out the basement window with one eye on the teacher and the other on the window. In her adolescence, she fell in love with a boy when she was 16, and he was 19. However, when he raped her after only a month of dating, the author lost her self-worth and continued the relationship out of feelings of worthlessness. It wasn't until the physical abuse escalated that she decided to run.

In adulthood, her daughter, Tia, was five years old when she lost her at the Puyallup Fair, a horrifying experience that counts as her first "worst moment." My mind was foggy as the realization that I had lost my child sunk in, and my worst nightmare was coming true. My heart fell to my stomach at the thought of the horrible things that could happen to her. But I took a breath of relief eventually found her in the lost and found office. Nevertheless, those dreadful minutes haunted my soul.

The author shares the emotional journey that she experiences, from loneliness to the inner fears that propelled her into more challenging life situations to look for the ultimate love to save her.

To know more about the author and her book, visit her website Interested readers can find her book (Kindle and Paperback versions) on Amazon and the website.

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