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Social media is one of the newest ways for Americans to interact with each other and with the entire world. Tik Tok members are great for marketing

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is ready to help all businesses interested in growing their base of customers or clients. There are business postal mailing lists available to those companies that deal directly with other companies. The contact details include relevant data like the title and name of the appropriate decision-maker in an organization for facilitating these high-volume transactions.

Consumer postal mailing lists meet this need for businesses targeting the general public. These lists are hugely varied, covering both geographic and demographic marketing needs. Whether a company is focused on B2B or general consumer needs, there are databases and mailing lists to fill these needs.

The Beginnings Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was the idea of a disabled veteran. After seeing to the completion of the responsibilities of military duty, the next step was to move from defense to economic growth, particularly the economy. This would be done by assisting the many businesses of the USA to find the clients or customers that are the foundation of solid growth. A small start-up was formed, but it rapidly grew from strength to strength, resulting in a company that today boasts a staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing first entered the marketing industry during a transitional period. Traditional marketing techniques like television advertising and print still dominate the marketing space. Still, even in its infancy, digital marketing was already gaining rapid traction, similar to what it had done in other industries. The company put its efforts into direct mail marketing, which formed crucial skill sets around data acquisition, organization, and analytics.

Digital marketing eventually became a rapidly emerging platform. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was in a prime position to use its data-based techniques to smoothly integrate digital marketing into its available services. This yielded early and significant benefits for both the company and its clients.

Now, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has extended its reach far beyond its initial operating range of the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. All of the United States is covered now, including the states of Alaska and Hawaii. The entire continent is also serviced, with databases for the markets in Canada and Mexico. And for businesses ready to enter the international arena, it’s possible to cross the Atlantic and use databases to join European Union markets like France.

Social Media Has Its Marketing Potential
Social media is a final product of modern 21st-century life. Now that more and more people can create and view content outside of established channels like broadcast television, the marketing opportunities and demographic possibilities have exploded. It’s easier than ever before to find a specific market.

TikTok is one of the more recent entries into social media platforms. It’s a video-based platform that relies primarily on users creating short-form content, usually no more than a minute, though ideally, 10-15 seconds is the preferred length. The TikTok demographic skews younger, with 43% of the users aged between 18 and 24, with 57% being female. This is a highly cutting-edge demographic for certain products and services looking to tap into the youth market.

TikTok members cover a wide range of demographics within that age range, but they already distinguish themselves by being aggressive content consumers, content creators, or both. This creates numerous marketing opportunities, such as recording, camera, and editing equipment for content creators. Make-up applications and other media products may also be of high interest to this demographic. Similarly, much of the content creation on TikTok is product promotion and review, which means that content creators are always on the lookout for new products or services to provide coverage. Depending on the type of product or service a business offers, it may receive favorable mentions and features by TikTok members when correctly approached.

Reaching Out
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has extensive databases of TikTok members throughout America. The databases cover the entire country, making it possible to scale marketing campaigns at the national level. However, these listings can also be scoped down to specific regions, such as only TikTok members in the Pacific Northwest, or even a single state, such as California members. The lists can even get as clear as focusing on one town, city, or particular neighborhood within that city, such as only TikTok members in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

It’s also possible to divide databases according to demographic needs. So if a marketing campaign is better suited to a particular ethnicity, like African-American TikTok members, or a specific faith, like Jewish TikTok members, these breakdowns are possible. Even economic categories can be catered to, targeting only high net worth TikTok members.
Contact details are available in a variety of different formats. Physical mailing addresses are standard, but email addresses can also be made available for digital marketing campaign purposes. Home phone numbers can be provided for telemarketing, and if there’s a strategy involving a Text/SMS-based campaign, cellular phone numbers can be included on request.

For businesses that want the experience of managing a direct mail campaign, turnkey direct mail solutions are available. This service guides clients through every phase of the immediate mail process, from concept to manufacturing, printing, and distribution. Every stage is under one roof, eliminating the regular need to source and vet different vendors for the other services required at each step.

If you’re interested in marketing to TikTok members of America, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. You support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran when you work with us.

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