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Okaloosa Schools Implement Life-Saving Safety Measures

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SaferWatch partners with Okaloosa School District and Okaloosa County Sheriffs Office

Superintendent Marcus Chambers and Sheriff Eric Aden held a press conference to speak on the tool designed to save lives. “Image by Devon Ravine via Daily News”.

Okaloosa School District has implemented the SaferWatch App, an advanced safety application designed with integrations to save lives during a crisis.

The capabilities of the system are incredible and enhance the security of our children,”. “That not only is the Superintendent’s priority but our number one priority.”
— Eric Aden, Okaloosa County Sheriff

OKALOOSA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2022 / -- Okaloosa Sheriff’s Office and school administration are committed to providing students with a safe educational environment. The Okaloosa School District has stepped up to better handle these situations through prevention, planning, and immediate response in the event of a crisis with the help of the SaferWatch App.

Okaloosa County School District Superintendent Marcus Chambers and Sheriff Eric Aden in a recent press conference stated they have teamed up with SaferWatch, a web and mobile-based security system to increase security, improve communication, and reduce response time in the event of a crisis on school premises. The SaferWatch App will also provide detailed instructions via a mobile device during a crisis. The Okaloosa Sheriff’s office can ensure that law enforcement, students, and staff are prepared to handle any life-threatening situation

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that 49% of public schools in the US experience an act of violence in a given year. These acts of violence range from student altercations to serious life-threatening situations. The SaferWatch App allows students and teachers to report any incidents to law enforcement in real-time.

The NCES also revealed that 5% of students fear harm while on school premises. These statistics did not settle well with Chambers, Okaloosa Schools, and local law enforcement.“For a school district, what many might say is that our number one priority is educating our students,” said Superintendent Marcus Chamber. “But all of that pales in comparison if we can’t keep our students safe. The safety of our students is first and foremost.”

The SaferWatch App also provides access to a mobile panic button in the event of a life-threatening situation. Every second counts when schools are faced with a life-threatening crisis.

“SaferWatch alerts provide detailed safety instructions based on the incident and the ability for users to contribute information,” said the company. “SaferWatch is also key for organizations to provide a duty of care to their employees and customers and help mitigate risk.”

Okaloosa School District has analyzed every point of potential entry into the school building to prepare for any potential crisis. They have also installed cameras and radios to ensure communication and visual reference during any given incident. The Sheriff’s Office will have the ability to access the cameras and radios to communicate directly with students and staff in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

Okaloosa County is proud and feels safer with the utilization of the SaferWatch Mobile App and life-saving tools that have the potential to protect our students from harm.

“The capabilities of the system are incredible and enhance the security of our children,” said Sheriff Aden. “That not only is the Superintendent’s priority but our number one priority.”

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