Blue Star Chicken Farms Debunks Common Misconceptions About Raising Chickens; Offers Online Chicken Support Plan

The Blue Star Ranch is on a mission to help people start a fun backyard hobby or a poultry business – the right way!

INDUSTRY, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2022 / -- Founded in 2008, Blue Star Chicken Farms offers not only the best chickens in Texas, but also "eggspert" ™ advice on their website for the raising and care of natural, healthy, cage-free chickens. According to the company’s founder Mary Ann Fordyce, anyone interested in raising chickens either as a recreational hobby or as a business should be aware that there are no instant answers on the Internet to fit everyone’s needs. In fact, people need to be made aware that not everything they read online is the truth – rather, much of it is personal opinion, and not based on fact.

Revered throughout Texas and beyond as the ‘Chicken Lady,’ Mary Ann has many years of experience in the industry, and often hears from people desperate for help because they followed the wrong advice and ended up in difficulties. For that reason, she now offers an online chicken support plan, and further, even a 911 support plan to get people back on their feet.

“Some new customers need to be un-eggucated about what they read on the Internet,” says Mary Ann. “There’s common chicken folklore and fallacies out there that really need to be debunked. For example, if you’re asking which chicken will love you more - the red ones or the spotted ones – the answer is that there is NO difference. Chickens are motivated by their environment and not ‘love.’ The sound of the food bag or gate opening and making noise will get the chickens’ attention – but not ‘love’ in the way we think our dogs love us!”

As to the question whether some chicken breeds are quieter than others, Mary Ann responds with a resounding no: “All chickens will cluck or chirp - this too depends on the coop and the surroundings, whether you have trees or bushes, how much square footage the coop has, and the type of material used, such as wood, wire, or tin, etc.”

And of course, everyone wants to know if brown eggs are healthier than white eggs. “It’s the chickens’ diet that give you the flavor and vitamins,” answers Mary Ann, “not the egg shell color.”

With the cost of meat and eggs rising rapidly and so much uncertainty for the future, Mary Ann suggests it might be a good idea to have a local source for eggs and meat, or else consider having a community coop with neighbors, local groups or the church to help share in the work and costs. Mary Anne volunteers her own time to organizations to help them get set up. Visit for more information.

Regardless of how many people are involved, it’s important to learn the correct methods of properly raising a flock of chickens in order to make it sustainable.

“Many new chicken owners think that by putting up a coop and grabbing a few chickens from the feed store you can be sustained and live happily ever after, but there is a bit more to it than that. Raising chickens is not as hard as you think, but there is a learning curve and once your coop and runs are established, it’s generally smooth sailing if you follow some basic guidelines,” says Mary Ann, adding that it’s important to protect the flock from predators and disease.

There are many different reasons why people want to start raising chickens. Some are interested in them as pets, while others are more concerned with egg or meat production. Choosing the right breed from the outset and getting set up correctly is critical. Blue Star Chicken Farms can assist with private or commercial consulting to help get a business or backyard chicken flock set up correctly the first time.

“Remember not all online answers in chatrooms are correct or will work for your problem,” concludes Mary Ann. “We provide custom and individual service all over the United States and elsewhere. We use anything to be sure that you’re getting your coop setup correctly: drones, zoom, videos, text or images. too. We WANT you to know the ropes and get the most assistance you can from a real American working farmer. My ‘eggperience’ is VERY valuable and will save you lots of time and money over all. Let’s get started!”

About the Company

Founded in 2008 by Mary Ann Fordyce, a disabled grandmother, Blue Star Ranch was created out of necessity. Mary Ann’s job as an insurance agent was coming to a close due to management issues in the company, while at the same time she became disabled as a result of several neurological and muscular problems. In great pain and unable to get a regular job, Mary Ann discovered chickens, along with meditation and acupuncture, as a means of coping with chronic illness.

Blue Star Ranch offers "eggspert" ™ advice on their website for the raising and care of natural healthy cage-free chickens. It is Mary Ann’s goal to not only offer the best chickens in Texas but to provide education and support from her years of farming experience and knowledge.

Mary Ann Fordyce aka “The Chicken Lady!”
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