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Times in America have been challenging, and Chicago has been no exception. The pandemic upended many businesses and stalled the economy for some.

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is here to help any business grow by finding more clients or customers. Those businesses that offer products or services to other companies will find the business postal mailing lists serving their needs. These details include up-to-date listings of the relevant person’s name and title within a company to facilitate more efficient dealings for these high-volume transactions.

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How Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Got Its Start
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was the brainchild of a disabled veteran. After completing the duties required in military service, the next step was to make a significant change. Instead of focusing on defense, an emphasis on growth would be next, explicitly growing the economy. It was decided to do this by helping the many American companies to find the customers or clients that signal meaningful development. A small start-up was formed to serve this goal and quickly grew. Today, that same company has staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing sector.

When Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing made its initial foray into the industry, the dominant marketing techniques were still the traditional ones, like television and radio advertising. Digital, however, was already present and rapidly gaining attention, as many remembered what digital had done in other industries. The company’s first focus was on direct mail, which had the fortunate consequence of creating data acquisition, organizing, and analytics skillsets.

When digital marketing proved viable, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was prepared. The data-oriented skillsets of the company made a rapid integration and offering of digital marketing services possible. This provided a significant early mover advantage that benefited the company, and the clients served.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has moved far beyond its early operating range of only the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The entire country is now serviced, including the states of Alaska and Hawaii. Complete continental coverage is also available with databases for the markets in Canada and Mexico. And for businesses ready to enter international markets, it’s possible to cross the Atlantic and start making entries into European Union nations like France.

Someone Always Needs Help
Like any major American city, Chicago has a broad economic spectrum of people living it. While the upper class has more money than they know what to do, the middle class continues to work hard and be smart with their limited resources. Unfortunately, the lower class continues to struggle, sometimes able to make ends meet one month, and other times not. Then some have fallen between the cracks and stand outside society, unable to integrate or take the kind of life most Americans have for granted.

Efforts are always made to help the unfortunate, especially when the bare minimum, like having some food to eat. This is especially crucial for families, where nutrition and regular meals are essential to children’s healthy growth and development. In this regard, charity donations have always been a traditional and effective method.

However, as with many charitable people, Chicago food bank donors may not necessarily restrict themselves only to donating food or funds to food banks. People interested in philanthropic works may not always have the same focus, as some will take more interest in supporting the fight for rights or helping addicts recovering from drug use. Still, the charitable impulse can be applied to many different issues, and other organizations may benefit from approaching this demographic with food charity adjacent causes.

Reaching Donors
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has compiled a list of Chicago food bank donors that want to help. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has databases for charitable donors all across the USA. Still, databases can also focus on a region, such as Great Lakes donors, or even just a state, like Illinois donors. And, of course, it’s possible to target one city, such as Chicago, or even neighborhoods like Lincoln Park donors in Chicago.

Demographic breakdowns of donors are also available. So if there’s a need to target an ethnicity, like African-American donors, or a particular faith, such as Mormon donors, these categories can be provided for. It’s also possible to use breakdowns based on economic metrics, such as approaching only high net worth donors. The details are provided in different formats as required. Mailing addresses are available, but email addresses for digital marketing can also be provided. If needed, telephone numbers for telemarketing initiatives and even cellular numbers for text/SMS-based marketing can also be requested.

Some companies may be interested in managing a direct mail campaign but hesitate due to a lack of experience. For this, turnkey direct mail solutions are available. This is a step-by-step, guided experience of all stages of the immediate mail process. From the conception phase to design, manufacturing, printing, and ultimately distribution with the chosen metrics and database. Every portion takes place under one roof, doing away with the typical need to source and vet vendors for different services required at each stage.
If you’re interested in reaching Chicago food bank donors, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. You support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran when you work with us.

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