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SQM's 2022 Benchmark Research Uncovers What a Good FCR Rate Is

What is a Good FCR Rate?

What is a Good FCR Rate?

SQM Call Center FCR Experts

SQM Group Presents the Call Center Industry 2022 FCR Benchmark Results.

COEUR D'ALENE, ID, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2022 / -- Based on measuring and benchmarking over 500 leading North American call centers for over 25 years, SQM Group has come up with the 2022 industry benchmark for a good first call resolution rate. SQM Group has found that when using the post-call surveying method, a good FCR rate standard is 70% to 79%. Call centers with an FCR rate of 69% or below are considered at the low end and need to improve their FCR performance. However, the world-class FCR rate standard is 80% or higher, and many call centers strive to achieve it.

Benchmarking gives you an idea of how your FCR rate compares to other call centers, specific industries, and world-class call centers. However, finding a valid FCR benchmark for a good First Call Resolution rate can be challenging. The value of measuring the FCR rate using a Voice of the Customer (VoC) post-call/contact survey (e.g., phone, email) is that you can standardize the method to benchmark the FCR rate accurately. SQM's view is that the post-call survey method is the only way to accurately benchmark the FCR rate. In addition, conducting a post-call survey allows a call center to gain additional insights into why FCR was not achieved, and the repeat call reasons that need improvement from a customer's perspective.

This article written by SQM Group illustrates the First Call Resolution rate distribution for the North American call center industry breakdown for the organizations that were benchmarked for FCR. It is important to emphasize that the FCR rate varies by call types (e.g., billing, claims, orders, inquiries, technical), lines of business, segments, geography, demographics, and industries.

A standardized approach for measuring First Call Resolution is used with all FCR benchmarking participants. This standardized FCR measurement practice is considered the gold standard for measuring and benchmarking FCR consistently and accurately. To ensure the FCR benchmark is accurate and helpful for call center managers to compare to their call centers, SQM uses the below practices:

• FCR benchmarks comparison to industry peers, average, and world-class North American call centers
• High-level call center FCR and repeat call metrics are reported
• The FCR rate is calculated based on two customer survey questions for the external post-call survey measurement
• Only inbound customer service call centers are benchmarked
• This research has included only industries with more than 10 call centers benchmarked
• A minimum sample size of 400 surveys per call center participant
• Post-call/email survey FCR questions are the same for all participants
• Surveys are conducted within one business day of customer interaction
• Post-call surveys are conducted using SQM's in-house telephone survey agents
• QA auditors and speech recognition is used to ensure survey accuracy

In this report, SQM shares high-level FCR benchmark results by industry. A best practice is to benchmark your call center's FCR rate against industry peer's average, highest peer call center, call center industry average, and world-class call center versus just industry peer's call center average.

To uncover the 2022 benchmark standards for the FCR rate, read the “What is a Good FCR Rate Blog” or download the “What is a Good FCR Rate PDF”.

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