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Avatar Learning Center Virtual Math and Science Courses Supplement School Curriculum, Prepare K-12 Students

Original lesson plans developed by women in STEM introduce lifelong critical thinking skills

We believe that thorough understanding of mathematical concepts is crucial, and fluency of arithmetic skills develops after a solid foundation of core principles has been established.”
— Lana Yeganova, Ph.D
POTOMAC, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 / -- Avatar Learning Center is helping students K-12 build confidence in math and science and develop problem solving skills for a lifetime of learning through live, online, instructor-led courses. Utilizing small class sizes, interactive learning models, and adaptive teaching to fit each child’s learning style, Avatar Learning Center fully immerses students into concepts with a unique curriculum aligned with Common Core standards, designed to supplement material taught in school and prepare students for a more successful academic year. The center currently offers math and science classes, competition preparation, Python and Java coding instruction, plus crash courses for summer, fall, and spring semesters.

Avatar Learning Center was founded in the Spring of 2020, during a time of widespread disruption to education and shifts to online learning. The climate sparked the center’s five founders; Lana Yeganova, Ph.D.; Margarit Khachatryan, Ph.D.; Astrid Babayan, Ph.D.; Armine Arustamyan, Ph.D.; and Lusine Baghdasaryan, Ph.D., to reexamine the way math and science is introduced and taught to K-12 students in the United States. According to a 2018 study by the Programme for International Student Assessment, 30 countries outperform the United States in mathematics at the high school level. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development also reported American millennials tied for last on tests of mathematics and problem solving. Successful math comprehension in other parts of the world is likely due to a culture of shadow education, private tutoring and learning outside of formal school hours. Avatar’s curriculum takes a unique approach to tackling these widespread educational issues and is intentionally designed to give students a space to explore topics at a deeper and more inquisitive level. Instructors help students build critical thinking skills, encouraging creative problem solving and ultimately developing foundational skills necessary for a student’s academic success.

“At Avatar, students engage with a topic for a longer period of time than what may be available in a traditional classroom setting,” said Lana Yeganova, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Math Instructor at Avatar Learning Center. “We believe that thorough understanding of mathematical concepts is crucial, and fluency of arithmetic skills develops after a solid foundation of core principles has been established. The smaller class sizes allow for one-on-one attention and personalized instruction, which can benefit students who may struggle with grasping difficult concepts.”

Courses offered at Avatar Center include Avatar Math (Grades K-12), Avatar Science (grades 3-8), Avatar Competition (Grades 1-8), Avatar Crash Courses (Grades 5-12), and Avatar Coding (Grades 5-12), held throughout the year. Classes meet every week and are taught by one of Avatar’s experienced instructors in a live, virtual setting via Zoom. Classes average 6 students per class, fostering higher levels of participation and engagement. For younger students, instructors pair subject material with brain teasers, puzzles, and games. Online simulations, graph demonstrations and other online tools help older students visualize more complex problems.

Avatar Math courses require students to complete a free, live 30-minute assessment with an instructor and accompanying guardian, ensuring they are placed in the appropriate level for their skillset and that class curriculum and teaching methods meet the child’s individual learning needs. Instructors spend the first portion of the assessment determining a child’s basic skills and evaluating their learning ability. During the second portion, instructors speak one-on-one with the child’s parent or guardian to provide feedback and recommend an appropriate path forward.

“At Avatar, we aren’t teaching students with the end goal that they all grow up someday to be mathematicians, although of course we will support them if that is their dream,” said Lana Yeganova, Ph.D. “We are encouraging children to think critically and creatively, ultimately building confidence in problem solving whether that relates to math or larger life experiences they may encounter as they grow and develop into successful adults.”

Enrollment is open for Avatar Math Summer School, Avatar Math, Avatar Coding and Avatar Science. Parents interested in ensuring their child is prepared for the upcoming academic year can sign up for a free, live assessment with Avatar instructors at To view all available courses, pricing, and enrollment deadlines, visit For more information, contact Avatar at 515-428-2827,

About Avatar Learning Center
Avatar Learning Center was founded in 2020 by Lana Yeganova, Ph.D.; Margarit Khachatryan, Ph.D.; Astrid Babayan, Ph.D.; Armine Arustamyan, Ph.D.; and Lusine Baghdasaryan, Ph.D. The five women, all of whom work in STEM fields, noticed many differences between the way math and science related subjects are taught to students in the United States compared to other countries. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the consequences of disrupted education became a primary concern for parents, the founders were inspired to develop a unique program, dedicated to helping children understand “why” before the “how," become comfortable and confident in problem solving, bolster their primary education, and provide an engaging space to explore topics at a deeper, more inquisitive level. Avatar Learning Center currently offers Avatar Math (Grades K-12), Avatar Science (Grades 5-8), Avatar Competition (Grades 1-8), Avatar Crash Courses (Grades 6-12), Avatar Coding (Grades 6-12) and Avatar Math Summer School (Grades K-12). A free, online assessment is required for every student to ensure the curriculum and difficulty level meets the child’s unique learning needs. With three different course levels offered for each grade, and a maximum class size of 8, Avatar’s structure allows for personalization and attention to each student. Classes are led by an expert instructor in real time and utilize various technology tools to deliver engaging lessons. Ready to schedule a free assessment for your student? Visit or contact Avatar Learning Center at, 515-428-2827.

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