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Losing an incredible 150lbs (10 months all-natural) Llewellyn (social media star TikTok followers increasing by 4,000%) Launching a groundbreaking fitness site

When the pandemic hit, and the only outlet I had was food, I quickly ballooned over 400lbs. Once my doctor said "You have lost a human in weight, what did you do?" That's when I perfected the process.”
— Llewellyn the Fit Foodie

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 / -- Llewellyn the Fit Foodie, LLC (LLTFF) – one of America's fastest growing social media star's (Llewellyn the Fit Foodie), founder of LLTFF, and author of "Living Life To the Freaking Fullest Living Gym" – announced the launch of LLTFF Living Gym, a online subscription healthy lifestyle, and total fitness service.

Keeping fit and eating healthy is something that Llewellyn The Fit Foodie understands all too well. Dropping an incredible 150lbs in weight in just ten months, Llewellyn has become a social media star, with his TikTok followers increasing by 4,000%. Now, the innovator is launching a ground-breaking new website to allow others to lose weight wherever they are.

With two decades in tech, working for some of Silicon Valley’s biggest brands, including Google, Facebook, and Sony, Llewellyn is now using his vast experience to transform the world of health and wellness. The all-new Llewellyn The Fit Foodie website, and app will use Augmented Reality to bring fitness to life, allowing users to follow the same workouts that helped Llewellyn lose over 150lbs.

Alongside this ground-breaking new website, Llewellyn is also utilizing the innovative AR technology to launch the LLTFF Living Gym in Los Angeles. Combining this with the app, it will allow users to lose weight, improve their fitness and eat healthier in a fun and engaging way no matter where in the world they might be.

The site will launch in June 2022, and the app is scheduled for rollout in September (beta access offered to LLTFF subscribers), and will be launched this coming before the end of the year. In the meantime, people can stay up to date with Llewellyn & LLTFF by following his online shows on TikTok (@llewellynlltff), YouTube (LLTFF) or (relaunch June 2022).

Speaking ahead of the launch, Llewellyn The Fit Foodie added, “I’m really excited to be launching the new app. We’ve partnered with one of the leading AR providers in the country, and my mission is to help more people transform their fitness through the use of ground-breaking technology.

I want my own journey to inspire every client. At 19, I was living in my car, but I’ve continuously pushed myself to achieve my best. Since then, I’ve gone on to enjoy over 20 years in the tech industry while also going from 422lbs to 250lbs in just ten months. Now, I want to support others, and this new website, my fitness programs, and app alongside the Meta Gym will help everyone transform their health and wellness, no matter where they are.”

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About Llewellyn the Fit Foodie
Llewellyn the Fit Foodie is a personal trainer, fitness enthusiast, and the creator of a life transformation program designed to help people enjoy life, using basic exercises, healthy eating at local restaurants and his personality to encourage individuals to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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