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Choosing the Right JavaScript Charting Library

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JavaScript Static Surface Grid Chart

KUOPIO, FINLAND, May 11, 2022 / -- JavaScript charts help businesses analyze and display data within an extensive environment of platforms. JavaScript charts are easy to understand and offer smooth client-side interaction.

We have seen how JavaScript is becoming an increasingly popular language for web browsers and as its popularity grows, so makes the demand for JavaScript charts to visualize data.

JavaScript charts are perfect for building web and mobile applications in terms of data visualization. Therefore, it is a simple and widely compatible programming language that surpasses the capability of other programming language charting libraries.

What about mobile interactivity? It is essential for the user always to have an interactive experience. This can be done by making sure the JavaScript code is mobile-first and will recenter, zoom or pan with natural user movements.

When JavaScript is used as the language of the web application, and data analytics are a priority, it is no wonder that many JavaScript charting libraries are required to be high-performance, compatible with other data analysis software, and customizable.

When talking about high-performance in JS charts, Surface charts can easily now load more than 130 million data points in as low as 1 second.

Data visualization and charts help people understand data easier and faster. They can be the difference between a mediocre report and an excellent report. Charts are also used in presentations and real-time monitoring.

JavaScript charts can be embedded directly on any webpage or mobile application, making them great for engaging with users and incorporating in other web content. They also tend to work more seamlessly than other charting types.

With JavaScript charts, the logic can be outside the project (cross-platform compatibility) and used as a separate feature. This will give you more options of available charts and make your web, mobile, and desktop applications more effective.

Charts are constantly being improved and can now be used for large data sets, for instance in industries that process billions of data points such as vibration analysis for machinery monitoring with real-time updates.

JavaScript charts that are high-performance oriented, can be strengthened by the client's hardware on the computer (GPU-accelerated), which speeds up how fast these charts render the data.

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