Digital nutrition tool accelerates impact of lifestyle programs, improving diet quality by 24%

Diet ID evaluates and improves diet quality

Diet ID evaluates and improves diet quality

Diet Quality improvement is the key to reduced chronic disease risk and a long, healthy life.

It’s rewarding to be able to empower coaches, healthcare providers, and employers to measure and manage diet at scale, quickly and easily, and help guide healthy eating habits.”
— David Katz, MD, MPH

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 / -- Diet ID, a personalized nutrition well-being platform, has been deployed in multiple organizations that provide lifestyle intervention programs to at-risk populations. These organizations use Diet ID’s real time Dietary Assessment Module to evaluate the healthfulness of a person’s current diet, its Goal Setting Module to provide personalized, evidence-based prescriptive guidance, and its Daily Actions Module to help people build healthy eating habits, one day at at time. The populations, collectively, saw an 24% improvement in Diet Quality, a leading indicator for chronic disease risk.

Diet quality is an objective measure of the healthfulness of how a person eats and is strongly correlated with chronic disease and mortality risk. Diet ID’s instant dietary assessment is the only tool available to measure diet quality and composition comprehensively in real time, in as little as 60 seconds. The platform relies on the most validated diet quality scoring system – the Healthy Eating Index (HEI), developed by the USDA. Diet quality is especially important because it allows providers and coaches to assess health and disease risks of individuals and the entire population before these risks become identifiable with traditional downstream metrics, such as biomarkers. Measuring diet quality also helps project cost savings, as well as measure ROI and efficacy of interventions.

In this grouped sample among 180 total participants, post-intervention data were available in a subset of 20 individuals. In that group, the average diet quality at the outset was about 58 out of 100, which is the US average. However, after the intervention, the quality increased to about 72, representing a 24% increase in the Healthy Eating Index. This improvement in diet quality translates into an approximate 18% reduction in chronic disease risk, which has major implications for improved health, lower mortality, reduced healthcare costs, and better quality of life.

The data also show that the population lost weight on average. At the outset, the average body mass index was 33.08. Post-intervention, the BMI dropped to 32.69. This decrease occurred over just two months, with no calorie counting or special foods. During that period, participants engaged with Diet ID’s science-driven Daily Actions, which encouraged them to establish and reinforce good eating habits with fun, educational, personalized daily micro-challenges along with a targeted nutrition curriculum.

According to David L. Katz, Diet ID founder and CEO, “We are so pleased with the success we’ve seen among our partners. It’s rewarding to be able to empower coaches, healthcare providers, and employers to measure and manage diet at scale, quickly and easily, and help guide healthy eating habits. Diet ID is a true value-add to their already excellent services.”

Dietary risk factors are the leading cause of chronic disease and premature death. But all too often, managing and improving eating habits is the critical missing piece. Diet ID provides a bundled solution to organizations working with populations at risk for cardiometabolic conditions. It’s an evidence-based, HIPAA-compliant way to provide personalized nutrition guidance without requiring an advanced degree in nutrition. Furthermore, the platform engages users in a personalized nutrition solution that is effective, requiring minimal oversight or burden.

Diet ID is continuing to expand broadly to health systems and wellness organizations looking to improve diet quality and mitigate risk of chronic disease in their populations.

About Diet ID, Inc.
Founded by Dr. David Katz, a lifestyle and preventive medicine expert, Diet ID is the best way to measure and manage diet quality, the most important factor for health and wellbeing. The company offers innovative digital tools that allow people to assess and improve their diet quality using an effortless, image-based experience paired with personalized, guided micro-challenges. With Diet ID, people everywhere can finally treat diet as a vital sign.

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