Betarena Debuts New Live Scores Platform

The new live scores platform from Betarena

The BETA version of the platform, designed to complement Betarena’s content with real-time scores and information, is now live

PARIS, FRANCE, May 10, 2022 / -- Betarena - the open-source aggregator of real-time sports information - is proud to unveil the BETA version of its new live scores platform, designed by its own community to gather and cleanly present the most relevant statistical data for its growing audience.

“At Betarena, we generate thousands of predictions for the world's most significant sports events through artificial intelligence. Now we have launched the first version of what will be one of the most advanced sports results and statistics platforms on the market!" João Neves, founder, CEO, & CTO of Betarena, explains where the community has come from and what he aspires to build.

Now that the platform is live, sports and betting enthusiasts have a chance to play around with the tool and even help shape its future. Betarena will also be rewarding community engagement with an upcoming token, enabled by blockchain technology.

Current Features

Still in its infancy - with so much more to come - here is what users can currently access on the new platform:

- A summary of the world’s leading football/soccer competitions and their top scorers

- One of the market’s fastest game-tables broadcasting real-time results

- Betarena’s featured match highlighted in its own panel and featuring the ability to predict the outcome, view players’ statistics, and stream or bet on the game via affiliate links

Future Developments

Here’s what we can expect from Betarena and the new scoring platform soon, according to their roadmap for 2022:

- Coverage of more sports on the live scores page - as of now football/soccer is being tested on the BETA version. The Betarena team plans to add another 31 sets of sports leagues including Basketball, MMA, and Esports.

- Adding 6 languages to its site - aiming to serve a community that is truly global, Betarena will add to the 5 languages it already offers.

- Strengthening its content - in its key markets, Betarena will increase the number of predictions it generates through artificial intelligence.

However, Betarena doesn’t act alone. As an open-source platform, community engagement is vitally important to the development of its offering. Users are invited to contribute their own ideas and opinions, either by leaving feedback on the new platform’s BETA or by putting their developer hat on and making changes themselves via Github.

Harnessing the blockchain

Rewarding its contributors is central to Betarena’s mission of becoming the world’s most prominent sports content community. As a way to give back, the team plans to take advantage of blockchain technology and launch their own token by the end of 2022. All contributors to the platform's progress, from the developers to the users who interact on the platform, will be rewarded for their participation with the Betarena token. The idea is to shift to a hybrid business model involving affiliation, subscription for exclusive content, and growing the value and versatility of the Betarena token.

About Betarena

Founded in Paris in 2018, Betarena has been steadily increasing its audience to become a leading content hub for sports enthusiasts and professionals. In 2021 the platform had over 2 million visits and published almost 70,000 predictions for sports events across 50 leagues around the world.

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