Shirlee Temper Rocks Roku with Its Animated Comedic Hit Series “8 Dayz a Week”

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The Rock and Flow band shows what happens when cultures and music collide in the cutting-edge animated series

"8 Dayz a Week" is a revolutionary concept on television, as no other band is creating something like this.”
— Angela Taylor
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2022 / -- What happens when seven musicians from wildly different backgrounds come together and form an unlikely friendship? The Rock and Flow band Shirlee Temper is what happens. And now, the group is sharing all the ensuing hilarity when cultures collide in their hit series on ROKU, “8 Dayz a Week.”

Shirlee Temper, the band featured in the series, is an Oakland-based group comprised of seven musicians from very different backgrounds. The band has dubbed their sound Rock and Flow, a blend of rock, pop and funk.

Reminiscent of the 60s hit “The Monkees,” “8 Dayz a Week” is an animated motion comic series that follows a group of musicians, loosely based on the actual band Shirlee Temper, who differ in age and culture, and musical genre. The series, situated in the Bay Area fictional town of Vintage Beach, CA, follows the band's antics while also featuring a music video in each episode by Shirlee Temper.

“‘8 Dayz a Week’ is a revolutionary concept on television, as no other band is creating something like this,” said Angela Taylor, Executive Producer. “The hang-out style series blurs fiction and reality while featuring the real-life band Shirlee Temper and what happens when bandmates and friends from very different cultures come together to chase their musical dreams. Viewers of all ages will enjoy the animated series and get plenty of laughs following their journey while enjoying the band’s unique Rock and Flow sound.”

“8 Dayz a Week” is produced by Creative Veinz. Audiences can watch the groundbreaking animated motion comic series on the Shirlee Temper channel on ROKU. Fans can follow the band @shirleetemper on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook to stay on top of the band's latest news.

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