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Secondcell Bio is a biotech company created by Dr. Kambiz Shekdar, inventor of Chromovert Technology.

Secondcell Bio is scaling up implementation of biotechnology originating from The Rockefeller University for drug discover at Scale.

Secondcell Bio is using biotechnology invented at The Rockefeller University to implement numerous drug discovery programs in the United Arab Emirates.

Public Private Partnership in the United Arab Emirates permits us to realize the full potential of our technology for science and for human health.”
— Dr. Kambiz Shekdar, Inventor
NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 4, 2022 / -- Today Secondcell Bio announces an open call for academic and industrial drug discovery advisors and partnerships.

Similar to the scale up of automated DNA sequencing methods that ushered in Human Genome Project era, Secondcell Bio is using robotic and scalable technology invented at The Rockefeller University for a factory-style Public Private Partnership scale-up of its tech in the United Arab Emirates to discover and develop new pharmaceutical drugs.

“Our transformative cellular biotechnology uses Molecular Lightbulbs™ to blast through bottlenecks in cell-based drug discovery. Public Private Partnership in the United Arab Emirates allows us to the full potential of our technology for science and human health,” says Dr. Shekdar, PhD, inventor, and founder of Secondcell Bio.

Secondcell Bio is a private biotechnology company with access to core technology and knowhow developed by its founder. The technology was developed with more than $100 million in funding from private sources and no NIH or other U.S government funding, making it a rare mature cutting-edge biotechnology that is unencumbered and available for global export and franchising.

Presently, Secondcell Bio seeks to build a robust team of scientific and medical advisors worldwide. In particular, researchers and research institutions in the United Arab Emirates and the region are encouraged to reach out.

Priory areas include intractable disease for which newly identified drug targets have been reported, systems biology applications, including diseases mediated by large gene families and heteromultimeric targets, and disease variants representing underrepresented populations, rare and orphan indications.

The Partnership is poised to pioneer new territory in the drug discovery and development arena, including for Personalized Medicine, allowing actioning of an individual’s human genome data to develop new drugs. This is made possible as Secondcell Bio’s technology enables implementation of personalized drug discovery and development that is both rapid and cost-effective. Researchers who have identified prospective drug targets or SNPs for one or more individuals are strongly encouraged to make contact to explore personalized drug discovery partnerships.


Secondcell Bio is building public-private partnership in the United Arab Emirates to scale-up its demonstrated and largely automated platform biotechnology originating from The Rockefeller University. Termed, Chromovert® Technology, the method and a diversity of example results for the platform technology are available here:

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