Just Like Meat, the Consumption of Screen Time Should be Only High-Quality

We want to boost workers’ physical and mental health and productivity at home or in the office. Join our community for a sustainable lifestyle.”
— Andreas De Smedt, Engineer & Founder
GHENT, BELGIUM, May 3, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- NOT A DESK, one of Belgium’s most innovative companies designing and making flexible furniture for at home or in the office, has pressed the launch button on Kickstarter for their newest product – NOT A STAND. They want to provide consumers with a monitor in each room that’s always at the right height. It’s not just another monitor but uses an existing second screen to improve not only health but also relationships. After one hour, the campaign was fully funded but the product’s designers are hungry for more. They’ve asked crowdfunders to jump on their wagon and fund their third successful Kickstarter campaign.

Most have noticed how screen time affects quality time with family and friends. Necks and backs seem to hurt more and more while working long hours in the office or at home. Statistics say that on average, users sit more than 8 hours a day, having 34% more chance of dying early compared to people who sit only 1 hour a day. Enter NOT A STAND. It’s a universal bracket and tripod, easy to install, and height-adjustable, that allows its users to store their screen away at any given moment. The bracket can be connected to more than 90% of all second screens.

“Your body is made to move, as is your laptop. Why should your desk or monitor have to stay put? We want to boost workers’ physical and mental health and productivity at home or in the office. Join our community for a sustainable lifestyle,” said Andreas De Smedt, the engineer and founder of NOT A DESK.

Consumers can also make sure the language development of children in their households is on point by reducing screen time. Normally, a parent speaks about 940 words per hour when a toddler is around. With the television on, that number falls by 770 words. To remedy that, the product allows users to hide the screen when not in use. This makes it less likely people will start watching when they do not intend to do so.

NOT A DESK can improve ergonomics by putting the screen at eye height while working. The product can be switched between a kitchen counter, living room table, and bathroom counter to always have a screen at the right height. Additionally, NOT A STAND is convenient for working in different places or taking the screen while traveling. The product designers even tested the screen with indoor cycling or rowing.

NOT A DESK has more than 3000 customers with over 150 5-star reviews on Etsy and on their website.

Pricing: Kickstarter early-bird starting at €71 

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