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Dr Neil Sharma Offers State-of-the-art Care for Pancreatic Cancer


Dr. Neil Sharma MD


Dr. Neil Sharma MD President of Parkview Health


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FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2022 / -- Every year, over 60,000 people develop new cases of pancreatic cancer, with nearly 48,000 dying every year from this disease. Dr. Neil Sharma MD of Parkview Health is working hard to help get these numbers lower by offering innovative and state-of-the-art new treatments that help detect and treat early pancreatic cancer before it becomes fatal.

How Dr. Neil Sharma MD of Parkview Health Treats Pancreatic Cancer

Over the years, Dr. Neil Sharma MD and Parkview Health have earned praise and acclaim for the many unique therapy options. These pancreatic treatment methods have become some of the most respected and advanced options today and have saved many lives. Other facilities and healthcare companies like Parkview Cancer institute have started taking Dr. Sharma's lead in offering these detailed and practical treatment options.

Dr. Sharma's career path with Parkview took off in 2013 when he founded and directed the advanced interventional endoscopy and endoscopic oncology programs at this healthcare facility. These two programs focus on identifying early symptoms of pancreatic cancer and providing intervention-based care that helps patients get the treatment they need to recover from this complex disease fully. Now called Interventional oncology & surgical endoscopy (IOSE), these multifaceted programs touch a multitude of benign and cancer based GI & pancreaticobiliary disease states offering state of the art in diagnosis, treatment and clinical trials

Innovations offered by Dr. Neil Sharma MD and Parkview Health include various tertiary care options, including referral programs that help those in treatment get second opinions on their cases. These second opinions include new diagnoses and state-of-the-art scanning techniques that can identify the extent of a person's problematic pancreatic cancer issues and trace any potential migration through the body.

By improving diagnosis, Parkview Cancer Institute can intervene earlier in pancreatic cases, including in situations when apparent symptoms are not present. Pancreatic cancer has such a high mortality rate because its symptoms often remain mild or unnoticed until the problem has become dire. Thankfully, Dr. Sharma's new intervention-based treatments can spot these cancers earlier by providing doctors with more information about early pancreatic cancer symptoms. In addition to early detection, he has designed and instituted a patient-centered healthcare model that fosters subspecialized expertise and research. Some of Dr Sharma's trials utilize novel technology to enhance treatment outcomes for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Parkview Health and Dr. Neil Sharma MD have also created many essential oncology trials through the GI Oncology Program. As the chair of this program, Dr. Sharma has led many promising practices to identify better pancreatic cancer treatment methods, including new less invasive surgery options which minimize long-term recovery symptoms as much as possible to help make their treatment smoother and more efficient.

Over the years, this program has grown almost exponentially and has integrated multi-disciplinary care treatments for cancer. As a result, this approach has become the gold standard for most cancer programs and includes therapy that focuses on a patient's well-being and not just their tumor. For example, treatments like psychological care, in-depth nutritional programs, and more have helped transform cancer therapy by assisting doctors in understanding their patient's total-care needs better.

One area of pride for Dr. Sharma is the novel design which places the patient in the center. Wrapping them in education, and providing each case with a multidisciplinary customized review that is shared back with all physicians, referring providers, patients, and their families. Dr. Neil Sharma MD and Parkview Health focus on working with multiple doctors and disciplinary specialists, such as chemotherapists, GI surgeons, and general practitioners, on breaking down a person's care better and giving them the detailed care information they want and deserve. All of this is enhanced by a focus on navigation, supportive services, and optimal patient experience.

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