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Mailing List Website has prepared lists of Electronic Dance Music enthusiasts and Rave attendees in the US and Canada

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Ravers -EDM Electronic Dance Music Goers Mailing List

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Ravers are a diverse audience with diverse needs for marketing

EDM is music specifically associated with an active rave party. That creates a market with different business opportunities for the right products and services.

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a marketing company committed to helping other businesses to find the clients or customers they need for real growth. For those businesses that deal directly with other companies, business postal mailing lists are available. These listings include important company details like the names of specific decision-makers and their title within the company.

For businesses focused on public products and services, consumer postal mailing lists are more appropriate. These databases can be categorized according to geographic and demographic requirements. The right databases are available based on marketing needs, whether focusing on B2B or general consumer interests.

How Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Began
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was originally the idea of a disabled veteran. Once the responsibilities of military service had been completed, it was decided to make a career move from defending the country to growing the nation’s economy. The way to do it would be by assisting businesses themselves to find the customers and clients that are the lifeblood of growth. From a humble start-up, the company grew until it proudly boasted a staff with a combined total of over 50 years of industry experience in the marketing business.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing first entered the industry before a major paradigm shift. The well-established media marketing techniques like television and print advertising continued to dominate, but digital marketing made rapid inroads. The company focused efforts on direct mail marketing, which had the beneficial side-effect of deeply ingraining the importance of data acquisition, organization, and analytics into the company DNA. When it became clear that digital marketing was about to become an important outsize platform, the company was ready to pivot. It rapidly integrated digital marketing into its services and enjoyed an early mover advantage that it quickly passed on to its clients with significant success.

Now, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing operates far beyond its starting service range of only its hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada. The company provides marketing coverage to the entire country, including Alaska and Hawaii. Clients ready to cross borders can get databases for complete North American coverage with access to lists for Canada and Mexico. For businesses ready to go, international databases are available for countries across the Atlantic to enter European Union markets, such as France.

More Dance Means More Business
As with any hobby that is pursued actively in an enthusiast fashion, the electronic dance music culture is an active one. Interest in EDM tends to evolve into a more aggressive, party-seeking mindset, going to clubs, finding more artists, and taking part in additional activities such as partaking in food, beverages, and of course, recreational pharmaceuticals such as cannabis, depending on the state. The lifestyle of an electronic dance music enthusiast can potentially involve a lot of expenses, especially if this is coupled with attending “raves,” which, themselves, already incur certain fixed expenditures.

The electronic dance music culture creates many different marketing opportunities for the right products and services. Of course, the obvious channel is the music itself, as bands and music producers can market their products directly to consumers. However, music-related peripherals are also important, such as headphones and home audio equipment with their associated components and accessories. Beyond that, however, electronic dance music requires the right kind of clothing, both to be noticed on the dance floor and to move unencumbered. The late-night activities for the EDM culture also mean that food and beverage venues and cannabis-related industries benefit from catering directly to this market and letting them know what their options are.

Reaching Out To The EDM Crowd
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has lists of electronic dance music lovers and raves attendees all over the United States. The databases are grouped by geographic requirements for national marketing campaigns, though they can also be focused on specific regions, such as for only east coast EDM enthusiasts. The breakdowns can also be scoped down to a single state, city, or even neighborhood, if the target market is only EDM fans based in the Bronx, in New York City, for example.

Databases for electronic dance music fans can also be categorized demographically. Marketing that requires a specific ethnicity, such as only Chinese EDM fans, can be provided on request. Lists are also available for a particular religious affiliation, like only practicing Christian EDM enthusiasts. Electronic dance music fans can even be classed according to their income if the interest is only in targeting high-net-worth individuals that are also EDM fans. Mailing addresses are always provided, but other contact details are available if needed. Email addresses can be furnished for digital marketing campaigns, telephone numbers can be given for telemarketing strategies, and SMS/Text-based marketing can be handled with cellular phone numbers included on request.

Some companies may be interested in hands-on management of a direct mail campaign but feel hesitant due to a lack of experience. There are turnkey direct mail solutions to address this need. This is a step-by-step service guiding clients at every stage of a direct mail campaign. It all happens under one roof, from the concept and design phase to manufacturing, printing the materials, and then using the appropriate database listings to send out the marketing materials. This solution does away with the normal need to source for and vet different vendors and services for the individual stages of the production process.

If you’re interested in contacting electronic dance music enthusiasts around the country, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. When you work with us, you support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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