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DIFS ePayment

If this is your first time using DIFS ePayments and you have never used any of DIFS other online services there are a few steps you need to take before you can make your payment.

  1. Create a DIFS Online Services account
  2. Request access to ePayments

To begin, select the DIFS ePayment login button below. This will take you to DIFS Online Services to get started.

DIFS ePayment Login

Note about Debit Blocking: Some financial institutions offer a service referred to as “Debit Blocking” to their business account owners to prevent unauthorized debits (withdrawals) posting to their accounts. Most financial institutions offer the option of authorizing certain debits by providing specific information about the transactions to be authorized.

If you have a Debit Block service on your account you must contact your financial institution and have ACH transactions identified with the Company ID 9044030366 and Company Name Telecheck authorized to debit your account. Failure to make these arrangements will result in your payment being returned unpaid.