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DIFS Organization ChartThe Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) administers 39 public acts and regulates a variety of individual licensees and entities, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, 26 HMOs, 87 banks, 139 domestic insurance companies, 157 credit unions, 1,447 foreign insurance companies, 224,077 individual insurance agents, 18,239 insurance agencies, 8,668 mortgage licensees and registrants, 616 deferred presentment companies and 2,560 other consumer finance-related entities.

DIFS can offer assistance to consumers if they have questions or complaints about credit unions, insurance companies, banks, and HMOs.

In the upcoming years, DIFS is seeking to create functional regulation for the financial services industry. Government regulators often apply a model of regulation to modern organizations that is a result of 130 years of experience. With changing complexities in banking and insurance companies, the old-fashioned model cannot maintain a pace consistent with the industries. Regulators must become adept at interpreting and regulating complex service enterprises that did not even exist five years ago.

It is DIFS' duty to sustain an active relationship with Michigan's consumers. This involves keeping consumers informed and helping them adapt to industry developments. Most consumers are not aware of the complex changes occurring in the financial industry.

Through adaptability and consumer communication, the staff members of the Department of Insurance and Financial Services strive to be the preeminent financial service regulators in the United States.

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