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The Strength of the Nation

Luisa Mirella Plancher tells America how to be great again in her book “The Strength of the Nation”

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 26, 2022 / -- What makes a nation ideal? Is it its history? Religion? The president? The people? And, most importantly, how can one nation be made great? These are the questions that author Luisa Mirella Plancher tackles in the Episodes of "The Strength of the Nation."

There is no question that there is a considerable population that misses the great America. And more than fifty percent of this most probably both miss and want it back, which is where the Italian school teacher and author belongs. For Plancher, the country needs to be great and strong again. She believes that by America being so, the rest of the nations will benefit from it.

Readers from the United States have great things to say about "The Strength of the Nation." They admire the book being, according to Jessica, thought-provoking, and, from Lacey, a “good Jewish/Christian political book”.

The latter commends Plancher’s depiction of everyone–Democrats, Republicans, married, unmarried–equally, or as equals that are all equally responsible for making America great again.

In an interview with Suzanne Lynn of Triangle Media, Plancher was asked to share what "The Strength of the Nation" is generally about, and the author said that to make America great again, it should follow God’s perspective and not the human perspective, because the latter is dismissive and divisive.

“Pick up the [Bible] and start worshiping our Lord, who made us great. The Lord wants us to be great and strong. Because he wants us to contribute with him up there, to rule the universe with him. And so, my dear friend, the United States is [on] a great mission right now. A new assignment,” emphasized the author.

To learn more about Luisa Mirella Plancher’s "The Strength of the Nation," it is available in paperback on Amazon.

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