DAKO is thriving in the US

NOWY SąCZ, POLAND , April 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- DAKO - a European brand with almost 30 years of experience in joinery production has entered the US market and is expanding its reach. The company has been on the joinery market since 1994 and is known for premium quality windows, doors, garage doors, patio doors, and more!

DAKO has a global reach with thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe and over 600 business partners. The company is expanding rapidly and looking to further build its network of business partners, namely distributors, especially in the US.

The manufacturer has a wide range of products: varying styles, materials, and colors, allowing them to cater to different customers, their needs, and aesthetic preferences. Their product quality, innovative solutions, and reliability are proven by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

DAKO’s products are designed to meet strict quality standards and safety regulations. All products have been widely tested leading the brand to acquire several certifications. DAKO vinyl and `certifications for the US and Canadian markets. Other certifications worth mentioning are IFT Rosenheim, NFRC, QUALICOAT, and PEFC (confirming that the wood used in the manufacturing process of windows and doors comes from responsible sources, with respect to the principles of wood management based on ecology and sustainable development).

If you are a joinery distributor looking to expand your product portfolio with the products of a unique European brand and transparent business partner with an understanding of mutual goals and needs visit DAKO’s website and fill out a short form on their website and their representatives will get in touch with you within a few days: https://www.dakowindows.com/en/door-and-window-distributor

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