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Premium Longer-Lasting Mangoes Coated with Akorn Edible Coatings Now Available at Leading European Retailers

Mango with Akorn coating compared to uncoated mango

Mango with Akorn coating compared to uncoated mango

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Akorn announces shipments of Akorn-coated Brazilian and Peruvian mangoes to the EU. Akorn-coated fruit now available for sale at major European retailers.

Akorn performs better than conventional wax on both shelf-life extension and key quality metrics like ripeness, firmness, and overall eating quality (sweetness and juiciness).”
— Xander Shapiro
LIVERMORE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2022 / -- Akorn Technology is pleased to announce the commercial launch of their edible coatings for fresh mangoes. Fresh mango packers can now use Akorn’s all-natural edible coatings made from upcycled plant and vegetable by-products for their global customers. Large-scale Brazilian and Peruvian packers of fresh mangoes have completed successful commercial runs of fruit and are exporting Akorn-coated mangoes to major global markets in North America and Europe.

Akorn is a water- and protein-based solution that is unique in the successful improvement of the shelf life, quality and safety of fresh fruit, unlike other coatings, which are laden with chemicals and do not significantly slow down the ripening rate of mangoes and other climacteric fruit.

Mangoes are one of the top 3 global fruit crops, with a total value of over $30 billion and 60 million metric tons (MT) produced annually, according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations). Brazil and Peru are top 10 global mango exporters, and more than 85% of fresh Brazilian and Peruvian mango exports ship to European and US markets. Without the use of Akorn coatings, post-harvest waste of mangoes can exceed 40% from packing operations to consumer homes.

Akorn is working to reverse food loss trends by delivering delicious, craveable, safer produce that consumers want to eat and by reducing fresh produce waste by 1 million MT annually through global use of its proprietary clean-label coatings.

During both extended chilled storage and retail/in-home ambient conditions, Akorn coatings deliver significantly superior shelf-life extension, and quality and safety improvement, versus conventional waxes and petroleum-derived coatings.

Further, University of Florida research determined that Akorn coatings can be effective replacements for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) which is both expensive and relies on petroleum-derived plastic materials. The Akorn solution will help eliminate the use of plastic for mangoes along the supply chain.

Mangoes are susceptible to post-harvest decay and chilling injury. Akorn significantly reduces decay, browning, chilling injuries, and even anthracnosis, a disease that affects 20% or more of mangoes during shipment, retail, and in-home phases of the supply chain. Anthracnosis causes large black patches on mango skin, affecting the appearance of the fruit. 70% of the at-shelf purchase decision for fruit is based on appearance, so anthracnosis is one of the leading causes of food waste at retail as produce managers dispose of unsellable, black-spotted mangoes.

Edible fresh produce coatings from Akorn are tailor-made for packers looking for plant-derived, sustainable, and reasonably priced solutions that are plug-and-play on their existing equipment and allow them to not only reduce their cold chain losses but also deliver better, higher-priced produce.

“At Akorn Technology, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable production and driving higher food security and improved nutrition using food coatings capable of not only extending shelf life but also reducing supply chain losses and delivering higher quality produce. This is a solution packers want to adopt. The global commercial launch of our coatings is likely to bring about a paradigm shift in the way fresh produce packing operations run,” said Anthony Zografos Ph.D., Founder, and CEO of Akorn.

“Akorn coatings deliver more benefits than simply controlling water loss in mangoes. Our customers found Akorn performs better than conventional wax on both shelf-life extension and key quality metrics like ripeness, firmness, and overall eating quality (sweetness and juiciness). Our packers can now deliver superior mangoes to their current customers, extend their geographic reach to new markets and achieve higher sales due to waste reduction. And when it comes to food loss reduction, we like to say – if the fruit tastes good, it won’t go to waste!” said Xander Shapiro, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Akorn.

About Akorn Technology, Inc.

Founded in 2019, Akorn is a startup that uses upcycled, US, non-GMO corn by-products to manufacture all-natural, clean label, non-GMO, plant-protein-based edible coatings platform for whole and cut fresh produce. Akorn coatings can double or triple fresh produce shelf life and deliver long-lasting and safe produce. Its mission is to promote better nutrition and taste and prevent food waste throughout the produce supply chain by enabling producers and retailers to deliver fresher, tastier, and longer-lasting fruits and vegetables. Akorn’s coatings can be customized on-demand and on-site for different crops, with a broad range of additional functionalities (antimicrobials, fungicides, surface finishes, etc.). Akorn was awarded a prestigious NSF (National Science Foundation) SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant. For more information, visit

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