NFINITY Holds AMA on Twitter with Metalabs Team

The NFT project aims to connect the real world to the virtual world through its new collection, The Eternals.

BELGIUM, April 24, 2022 / -- The leaders of The Eternals NFT project, NFINITY, are pleased to announce the success of a recent AMA they held on Twitter with their collaborators at Metalabs.

NFINITY is a company specializing in virtual content, ready-to-wear products, and features a registered clothing brand. The company uses NFTs to create a unique ‘virtual garment’ that owners can receive in real life, simply through owning one of its featured NFTs. Each piece created by NFINITY is completely unique, exclusive, and comes with a luxury package.

Recently, the folks at NFINITY held a highly successful AMA conference on Twitter to discuss the company’s latest NFT project, The Eternals - a brand-new NFT collection purchased, built, and played directly in the Sandbox and the Battle Royale. At the AMA, NFINITY presented alongside its collaborator, Metalabs, and informed members about the project’s next steps, new guidelines, community management, and more. Metalabs indicated they felt The Eternals project makes them feel passionate about getting involved because it is an uplifting change from all of the other requests the company has received.

“We have been pouring our heart and soul into this project and it was so wonderful to share our progress with our members,” says Diego, one of NFINITY’s co-founders. “Metalabs has such a great reputation building Sandbox games and we are thrilled with their level of dedication and passion about The Eternals.”

“Our aim has always been to create sensations that have never been experienced before through VR and the Metaverse, and we will use the Metaverse to connect the virtual and the real worlds,” continues Richard, the project’s second co-founder. “We really are very excited about our project and the positive trajectory it has taken with our friends at Metalabs – and our members.”

Holders of The Eternals NFT will experience a host of benefits and features, including:

• Claim an avatar playable in the Sandbox
• Get a unique 1/1 limited edition sweater from the INFINITY brand
• See some profits go to project marketing strategies, improvements, collaborations, and purchasing land in the Sandbox
• Look forward to larger projects developed by the company
• And much more

For more information about NFINITY, please visit or connect on Discord at


NFINITY was developed by the company’s two co-founders, Diego Di Tomasso (Founder, Community Manager) and Richard Hamade (Founder, Marketing Officer). The company has the ambition to become the first to be recognized as the Battle Royale of the metaverse and hopes to be as successful as Fortnite.

In the future, NFINITY has planned to collaborate with the Tommy Hilfiger brand for the creation of clothes for its next collection.

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