Glendale California Has a Compelling New Candidate for City Clerk

Dr. Suzie Abajian for Glendale City Clerk

The 2018 Congressional Woman of the Year, Dr. Suzie Abajian is Running for Glendale City Clerk

Dr. Abajian is an experienced professor, business owner, and administrator. She also has extensive governance experience as a school board member. This makes her an ideal candidate for City Clerk.”
— Von Bedikian
GLENDALE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2022 / -- Dr. Suzie Abajian filed her nomination papers and qualified for candidacy shortly before the closing of the nomination period.

Dr. Abajian stated her reasons for running, “I care deeply about my hometown Glendale and I believe that our city needs a qualified candidate who is passionate about transparency, access, and voter empowerment.”

Abajian is proud of her deep roots in Glendale. She stated, “Glendale is the city where I was raised, I am a graduate of Glendale High school, and it is the city where my husband Sean and I have chosen to raise our family.” As a working mother of a two-year-old and an educator of 24 years, Abajian explained that she understands the need for city residents to easily access information about city services and processes. Abajian spoke passionately about good data governance, increasing voter registration drives, educating the public about city commissions, and ensuring that every eligible voter has access to the full electoral process.

The city clerk position in Glendale is a full-time position, unlike most elected positions. It requires someone who not only is an expert communicator but also someone who has strong management, organizational and interpersonal skills. The city clerk is the record keeper of the city, the overseer of elections, and the person who ensures city compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Dr. Abajian cited her experience as an educational administrator, professor, and small business owner as making her a highly qualified candidate for the position of city clerk. She asserted that her extensive knowledge in record-keeping, managing staff, interfacing with the public, and ensuring organizational compliance with the law make her an ideal candidate for the position.

As a former school board member, school board clerk, and school board president, Dr. Abajian is no stranger to the Brown Act, public records requests, and fair political practices within governmental entities.

Abajian’s 24-year career in the field of K-12 and higher education has included teaching and working at UCLA, LMU, Occidental College, Orange County Department of Education, and currently GUSD. To lend support to her campaign visit our website at

Von Bedikian
Suzie Abajian for Glendale City Clerk 2022
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