Recommends the Best Ways to Prevent Pesky Pollen from Entering Your Home

/ the increase of outdoor pollen this summer, recommends several easy steps for the allergy sufferer to keep pollen at bay in their home., a leading online retailer of healthy home products for allergy relief, has been receiving a large number of calls from people complaining about the outdoor pollen around their homes, walkways and cars and how they cannot stop sneezing and sniffling.

The company advises its customers to do the following to help keep pollen at bay within their houses and apartments this summer:

1. Close the windows and doors and if possible put on the air conditioning instead. Keeping windows open and running around dust mopping pollen is inadequate. Every time you walk around the house it kicks up the pollen which has fallen to the floor. You need to prevent the pollen from entering your home in the first place.

2. Take off your shoes when you enter the house and wash the pollen of from the soles of your shoes.

3. Use a good grade furnace filter which will help the pollen from entering your home. Simply less to clean up.

4. If you know you have been outside in pollen laden areas, wash your clothes and hair after reentering the home.

5. Do not forget to change the air filter in your car.

6. Use good grade air purifiers in strategic places around your home to remove the pollen which still remains airborne.

7. For the rest of the pollen that has fallen on the floor, carpet and furniture use a Hepa vacuum cleaner with good accessory tools so you can get in all the nooks and crevices in which pollen has settled.

8. Wipe down your pet's coat when coming from the outdoors before he or she shakes pollen all over the house.

If you follow these simple guidelines, maintains that you will go a long way to keeping those pesky pollen symptoms under control.

For more information on how to control allergies in your home, visit The company tests, rates and reviews all of its healthy home products to determine the best-in-class solutions that are natural, green and hypoallergenic. is a leading multi-channel retailer that sells healthy home products for allergy relief such as air purifiers, Hepa vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers and hypoallergenic bedding. The company is a division of Boston Green Goods. Inc. (BGG), based in Braintree, MA, which also owns a portfolio of websites such as & BGG is currently listed as an Internet Retailer's Top 500 Company.

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