Wellness and Mental Health Advocate, Fatima Alexander, Launches Online Lifestyle Magazine, GainLoveLife Worldwide

GainLoveLife Worldwide LLC Magazine

We strive to share relatable stories to give our readers hope, and encourage them to embrace their authentic selves in order to truly enjoy life.”
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WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES , April 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Proving once again that she is capable of withstanding the most significant obstacles and coming out victorious, Fatima leads by example.

After walking away from an abusive relationship, she became a single mom, doing her best to ensure her family’s well-being while dealing with depression and a son who has leukemia. Overcoming these challenges was no easy feat – it took all of her strength to keep moving forward.

Finding her voice through her pen, she started to write every day, and this creative outlet quickly led to her newfound purpose.

Now a thought leader in the wellness and mental health community, her book “The Art Of Silence,'' is a perfect example of her mission. Addressing the pains of abuse, this self-help book delves deep into the work needed to rediscover one’s self-worth.

Not just a writer, she also has a self-assessment journal called “Finding My Way Back To Me,” a two-month journal created to help people assess their daily thoughts.

“I’ve walked away from an abusive relationship and suffered depression for more than 20 years. Winston Churchill said it best, though: if you’re walking through hell, keep walking. My feet are burnt and sore, but I’ve managed to make it out of my personal hell. I know that the darkest night can give rise to the brightest morning. The painful, meandering path that I traveled has allowed me to create something unique for those who may be experiencing similar challenges and gives them the tools they need to break free from those strongholds and chart a more fulfilling future,” she says.

Empowering individuals worldwide, she continuously works to uplift others who find themselves in situations similar to what she has endured.

Her newest endeavor, GainLoveLife Worldwide LLC, is an online lifestyle magazine that focuses on sharing impactful articles and resources worldwide.

“We strive to share relatable stories to give our readers hope, and encourage them to embrace their authentic selves in order to truly enjoy life. With mental health issues, such as depression, suicide, and loss of hope at an all-time high, our goal is to ensure that each reader feels seen and heard by providing effective and well-thought-out tools to assist them in seeing life from a different and more empowering perspective,” states the magazine.

Fatima’s goal is to show the world just how resilient the human spirit is, and that with the right help, there can be light at the end of the tunnel.

A community of voices coming together as one, GainLoveLife is set to launch on June 4th, 2022, and aims to provide the support needed to change its reader’s perspective on life for the better.

To learn more about Fatima’s magazine and preview articles, click here.

About Fatima Alexander

A mother, author, entrepreneur, publisher, and activist, Fatima Alexander is a fighter that has found her purpose through her penmanship. She is recognized for her books, “The Art of Silence” and “The Faith of Hannah,” as well as her magazine titled “I Am Unashamed.” Having dealt with an abusive relationship, years of depression, and raising two boys on her own, she has made it her mission to help men and women heal from past traumas and face their challenges to live a prosperous and more fulfilling life.

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