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The Keys To Designing Clothes, According To The Evans Group

Designing clothing has never been easier, so claims Los Angeles clothing manufacturer, The Evans Group.

Since they’ve chosen a domestic garment manufacturer in Los Angeles, designers have greater control over their design during the process.”
— Jennifer Evans
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 27, 2022 / -- In a recent piece, The Evans Group explored how designers, regardless of their skill levels as fashion designers, could overcome adversity and finally launch a clothing brand of their own.

Designing Clothing Lines Has Never Been Easier

In its blog post about designing clothes, The Evans Group (TEG) team offers insight into the hurdles one must overcome to take ambitious abstract ideas and transform them into a tangible reality.

Founder Jennifer Evans, a stalwart advocate for independent fashion designers everywhere, explains, “At TEG, we encourage any and all creative ideas to help both established and emerging fashion designers achieve their goal…by designing memorable fashion mood boards to collaborating with our talented team, all we want is for the fashion designer to learn the fundamentals of the industry.”

And Evans runs her garment manufacturing company from its spot in Downtown Los Angeles with that same design philosophy since its inception in 2005. With thousands of past clients, it’s clear the TEG business model is perfect for would-be designers to take the initiative and start creating their own clothing brands.

The team shows designers that starting a clothing line is entirely possible while staying under budget.

What’s The Big Idea? Starting Small

Before launching into the clothing manufacturing process, the TEG team helps outline and plan a clothing collection, from the creative planning stages all the way through clothing production.

According to TEG, the power of a good idea, no matter how small, can help designers enter the industry.

“Think about a clothing design idea. Are [designers] planning to make it for others? How extensive will the clothing line be?"

TEG, a small batch clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, offers no minimums on clothing orders. That means designers can freely plan clothing pieces without the burden of a massive minimum order quantity (MOQ).

TEG encourages designers not to bow to the pressure of current trends.

“Does [an] idea need to be the ‘next big thing’ in the industry? Not at all.”

In fact, that’s setting sights a bit too high. Don’t heap too much expectation upon designers and their future brands! Monitor some current design trends, see what people respond to, and see how the custom clothing can fit into that world.”

TEG concludes this clothing creation step with encouragement:

“Ideas could run the gamut from a line of retro-inspired T-shirts to a Y2 K-inspired line of hoodies. Whatever [designers] focus on, make sure it has an identity infused with it.”

Playing To The Crowd

The audience is everything, especially in the fashion industry. While there are those designers out there aiming to break new grounds with avant-garde fashion, paying attention to the chosen demographic is key to early and continued success.

TEG implores readers to cater to the audience and craft a masterful buyer persona to help the clothes sell themselves.

Creating a buyer persona and being a fun exercise in creativity helps build a customer profile. Who is the brand designing these pieces for? What are their attitudes towards clothing? Are they conscious of the ills of fast fashion and focus on sustainable fashion trends? What do they do in their free time?

TEG concludes the section by doubling down on the importance of the audience and the buyer persona: “When developing a detailed buyer persona, designers may learn other things they didn’t initially consider when starting a design journey.”

Finding The Professionals To Help Create Clothing

Once designers have the ideas, ambitious plans, and buyer personas ready, it’s time to start planning and manufacturing clothing.

“Finding a clothing manufacturer is perhaps the most crucial piece of the puzzle. A good clothing manufacturer can help take a seed of an idea and help it find roots. Regardless of the creative space...”

According to TEG, clothing manufacturers that know what they’re doing will pull out the stops when helping designers design their own clothing. This means helping them plan and working alongside some of the most talented professionals in the country through TEG’s noted pattern makers in Los Angeles.

“We like to include our team members to help brainstorm ideas and bounce them off one another. The Evans Group team is here to help designers succeed in achieving their design goals first and foremost.”

In the world of luxury fashion, there’s no one better to help guide designers through a potentially lengthy process. Professionals, all expert pattern makers, and textile workers help the design become an actual, tangible product for use.

“Taking custom designs, the pattern maker, sample makers, seamstresses, and cutters all get to work making a custom 2-D design come alive.
Since they’ve chosen a domestic garment manufacturer in Los Angeles, designers have greater control over their design during the process.”

Having The Evans Group Make Design Dreams Come True

No clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles does it better than The Evans Group when it comes to slow fashion. A consistent no minimums policy, and a detailed design process, followed by an in-depth, hands-on production process, allows anyone to start a clothing line or business in no time.

The article ends with an encouraging send-off for would-be designers and reiterates the pros of working alongside the TEG team.

“At The Evans Group, designers are encouraged to let inspiration drive the project. Along with talented project and design managers, everyone throws themselves into the design process to ensure designers are seeing styles come to life.”

More About The Evans Group

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers.
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