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LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2022 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is ready to help businesses increase revenues by expanding their client or customer base. Companies that deal directly with other companies will want to access business postal mailing lists. These listings come complete with the relevant contact details, including the names of decision-makers, business titles, and other data to make facilitating these high-volume sales more efficient.

A broad array of consumer postal mailing lists are available for companies that offer their products or services to the general public. These lists can meet various geographic and demographic marketing requirements. These lists and databases can significantly impact marketing, whether a push for consumer retail marketing or a targeted B2B effort.

The Beginnings Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide
A disabled veteran first conceived sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. After completing the duties and responsibilities of military service, the next step for the defense was growth and development, specifically the economy. Businesses had a better chance of growth and success if they could more easily find the clients and customers they relied on. This idea became the foundation of a humble start-up, and today, that start-up now proudly boasts a staff with over 50 years of combined industry experience in the marketing sector.
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing made its initial forays into the marketing industry during a lull between marketing model shifts. Traditional mass-market techniques still dominated the field, but digital marketing was already present and making rapid inroads in the sector. The company focused on direct mail marketing, which had the unexpected benefit of imparting crucial data acquisition, management, and analytics practices.

In a short time, it became clear to most of the marketing sector that digital marketing would be an essential player. Thanks to its data-centric focus, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing was able to quickly adapt, integrate, and offer these services and enjoy an early mover advantage that significantly benefited the company and its clients.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has grown dramatically beyond its initial starting service range of only the hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. The entirety of the United States is now served, including the states of Alaska and Hawaii. Businesses that want to expand the border can access all North American markets, with lists for Canada and Mexico also available. And for those companies that are ready to compete in the international arena, it’s possible to cross the Atlantic and get lists for entry into the European Union, such as the markets in France.

The Complexity Of American Logistics
The continental United States is a massive landmass, one of the largest, stretching from one ocean to another. And while there are undeniably valuable logistical assets, such as the continental railway that can transport tons of freight from one side of the continent to the other, these are still limited in scope by just how much a series of freight trains can carry over a limited series of tracks within a shipping schedule that everyone is fighting for to gain a spot.

Perhaps more than in any other country, the trucker, specifically the independent trucker, has become an essential link in the logistics chain. Outside of the major rail lines, it is streets and highways that make up the majority of the American transportation network, and truck drivers are the ones that can navigate these lanes and bring cargo to the next destination in their journey, and often to their final destination at retail, commercial or industrial outlets.

And while there are larger logistics businesses that operate fleets of trucks with drivers as their employees, there are still many truckers throughout the United States that have maintained independence. There are many advantages and additional burdens of responsibility to be had by truckers that decide to maintain their independence. From a business perspective, however, the chief benefits are:

Executive Decision Making
An independent trucker is an owner in addition to being an operator. That means that where a trucker working for a company must abide by that company's regulations and corporate policies, independent truckers can make their own decisions, especially about which freight they are willing to carry and not. For businesses, this can sometimes mean the difference between having cargo refused by a company as a matter of policy versus having that same cargo freighted to its destination by an independent trucker free to haul whatever they like.

Flexible Scheduling
A trucker who is an employee must adhere to whatever schedule the company and dispatchers layout. Everyone must follow whatever timetable the corporate policies have drawn out. Depending on the company, a program for truckers is already determined weeks, or even months, in advance. Independent trucker makes their schedules and timetables. This means they are responsible for their scheduling and can decide when and where to schedule new assignments, meaning that there’s much more room for negotiating with independent truckers who can make their own decisions versus being helpless in the face of established corporate policy.

Independent truckers are owners, not just operators, meaning that the business deals they engage in don’t just pay them a monthly salary for doing their job; they garner a percentage of the payments for hauling freight, often higher than what they’d make even if that payment system were available to them from the company they worked for. This also means that they can negotiate on amounts in a way that a trucker working as an employee can’t. However, truckers who know their cargo and routes are also much more knowledgeable about the optimal business deal for both parties to ensure that shipment gets where it needs to, on time, with fair payment.

Marketing Potential
As has already been noted, independent truckers are not just operators; they are owners. That means businesses that market to an independent trucker are marketing to a small business owner or, conversely, a specific member of the general consumer market with a much broader purchasing agenda. In this regard, there are a large number of different marketing possibilities for which independent truckers can be approached, including:

Perhaps the most obvious is that the truckers themselves are in the logistics business and therefore can be dealt with on a logistics basis. Whether this means seeking these independent truckers out to secure a logistics deal to deliver goods or offering them logistics-related products and services, there will be an active, professional, and industry interest in marketing that caters to this business sector.

As owner-operators, independent truck drivers entirely shoulder their finances. This means that any financial products or services that can assist finances or financial management would be of interest. Business loans, of course, could go toward any number of business-related improvements. At the same time, financial services such as advice, income tax processing, and even financial software for personal management could all make a difference in easing the financial responsibilities that independent truck drivers face.

Trucker drivers work long hours that require remaining in a sitting position for long periods. As a result, truck drivers are highly susceptible to certain forms of repetitive strain injury and back problems. Any products or services related to helping people deal with RSI issues, back problems, and other wellness factors would be relevant to independent truck drivers that need to maintain a minimum quality of good health, posture, and reflexes to complete their jobs on time competently.

Truckers are on the road for hours and naturally are receptive to anything that can help pleasantly pass that time. With the proliferation of audiobooks, podcasts, and other entertainment that a driver can easily consume without needing to use hands or eyes, certain forms of entertainment can be offered to independent trucker drivers as alternatives to the usual entertainment products, free-to-air radio or music playlists from a streaming service.

Truckers need to eat, just like everyone else. However, the nature of their work puts some significant restrictions on what their food options can be. Where most workers commute home at the end of the day and have their pick of restaurants to dine at, food to cook in their kitchen, or delivery from their favorite local food outlets, truckers don’t have this luxury. At the end of the working day, a trucker may be hundreds of miles from home, with miles yet to go to a destination. Specific food products that they can bring with them in their vehicles or food options along their route are the types of products or services that would pique their interest.

Reaching Out To The Right Independent Truckers
Independent truckers can be an important market. However, marketing to them can only be effective if you know how to reach them and can appeal to them with products or services relevant to their interests. There is also the challenge of getting their attention when they work jobs that frequently make it difficult for traditional marketing methods, such as print ads on a bus, or television commercials, to reach them when they are on the move for many hours of the day. This is where a concerted marketing effort with the correct contact details and focused approach can yield the best results.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing offers comprehensive databases on independent truckers in the United States based on your geographic requirements. If a product or service would benefit the broadest possible market of independent truckers, nationwide contact details can be provided to reach this market all over the country. However, regional listings can be provided if a product or service would benefit a specific region, such as only for truckers in the Pacific Northwest. Truckers living and operating within a particular state can also be provided. Even if a trucker lives or works extensively in a city, town, or even a specific neighborhood, such as only Brooklyn truck drivers, those more specific contact details can be provided.
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can also give contact details for independent truckers based on demographic needs. Some of the most effective marketing is targeted at specific characteristics. So if a product or service is better suited to a particular ethnicity, such as Latin American independent truck drivers, that list can be provided. Those lists are available if the marketing would appeal to a specific faith, such as Christian independent trucker drivers. And if economic categories are preferable, such as independent trucker drivers only within a particular tax or income bracket, this category can be accommodated.
Contact details come in the standard formats, with the most common physical mailing addresses. However, considering the mobile nature of truck drivers, other platforms are available. Email addresses are available for digital marketing, telephone numbers for people with telemarketing campaigns, and even cellular numbers for those wishing to conduct an SMS/Text-based marketing campaign.

Clients who would like hands-on time with a direct mail campaign but lack experience may want to try turnkey direct mail solutions. This exceptional service is a wholly guided direct mail process, from conception to design, manufacturing, printing, and distribution. Every phase occurs under one roof, eliminating the usual need to source and vet different vendors for the various stages of the process.

If you’re interested in contacting independent trucker drivers around the country, contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. You support an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran when you work with us.

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