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CelLynx Annual Report, Financials

January 24, 2010 (FinancialWire) (The Small Cap News Leader (Investrend Information Syndicate) — CelLynx Group, Inc. (CYNX – OTCBB) (Approx. Market Cap: US$ 5.15 Million), a technology sector / networking & communications devices industry company, recently submitted the company’s annual report and third quarter financials.

An overview of CelLynx’s financials is posted at the FinancialWire(tm) website (at, and the company’s complete annual report is accessible via the Annual Reports Service (at

In the annual report, the company’s plan of operations reads as follows:

“We are a producer of the next generation of cellular network extenders for the small office, home office andvehicle/marine markets. This next generation product line, CelLynx 5BARz, uses our patent-pending technology to create a single-piece, plug 'n play unit that strengthens weak cellular signals to deliver higher quality signals for voice, data and video reception on cell phones and other cellular devices being used indoors or in vehicles.

“Our first product, The Road Warrior, has passed FCC Certification, and in July 2009, we commenced the ordering of production units.

“We have recently completed a prototype of the @Home Unit which will eventually deliver 70 decibel (dB) of gain in a Single Band PCS environment providing up to 2,500 square feet of indoor coverage. We plan to commercialize this technology, with production and distribution scheduled to begin, in the third calendar quarter of 2011. This unit measures 6.5 X 7.5 X 2.5 inches, weighs approximately one pound and does not require the installation of antennas or cables in order to function. Most small office home office ("SOHO") cellular network extenders currently on the market require a receiving tower or antenna, usually placed in an attic or on a rooftop, and a transmitting tower or antenna to be placed at least 35 feet from the other antenna with each connected to the amplifier by cable. Our patent pending technology is designed to eliminate the need to distance the receiving and transmitting towers, allowing the two towers to be placed directly inside the amplifier, resulting in a more affordable, one-piece unit sometimes referred to as 'plug 'n play,' i.e., requiring no installation other than plugging the unit into a power source. In order to optimize marketability, we are developing an improved model which is expected to operate in a dual band, PCS and Cellular, environment delivering 65 dB of gain, thereby allowing for coverage of 2,500 to 3,000 square feet. This dual-band unit would work with all current wireless carriers except Nextel, which operates on its own frequency. The PCS network is generally used by the older carriers such as AT&T at 850MHz, while the newer carriers such as T-Mobile operate on the cellular network at 1900 MHz. Management believes that all of the critical functions required for this dual-band unit have been identified and that we have the capability to complete development leading to commercialization.

“Our product line is being manufactured by contract manufacturers located in the Philippines, with whom CelLynx has established manufacturing and supply chain relationships. These manufacturers allow us to capitalize on the full advantages of multiple manufacturing locations with a trained and experienced technical work force, state-of-the-art facilities and knowledge of all aspects of supply chain management, operational execution, global logistics and reverse logistics. The marketing and sales functions will be handled by 5BARz International, Inc., in accordance with the M&D Agreement discussed below, incorporating a multi-channel strategy that includes distribution partners, wireless service providers, retail outlets and international joint ventures.”

CelLynx’s documented developmental market history is as follows:

In January, 2009, CelLynx unveiled the “5BARz Road Warrior” at the International CES Show in Las Vegas. The product is the industry’s first plug ‘n play cell (phone) signal amplifier.

The company’s 5BARz technology, which eliminates the need for external antennas or installation while providing a consistent “five bars” signal for voice and data, works for all carriers in the U.S. and Canada and most of Mexico, as well as Central and South America.

In early April, 2010, CelLynx launched a marketing initiative targeting small and rural carriers at the International CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) Wireless Show, March 23-25, 2010.

At that time, according to the CTIA, there are more than 160 rural cellular carriers providing service to approximately 30 million subscribers across the United States. The Rural Carrier Association (RCA) recently released a coverage map showing that its members are licensed to serve 73% of the United States.

At that time, over the past few months, several carriers had been conducting field trials to test the 5BARz Road Warrior's cell signal effectiveness and to confirm that the devices do not cause any interference to the carrier's network. Positive feedback from these field trials with rural carriers confirms the 5BARz Road Warrior's network effectiveness.

Also at that time, rural carriers discussed their need to extend their existing networks, to increase customer satisfaction and to lower the cost of delivery. "Delivering cellular service to rural customers is both a physical and financial 'network nightmare' for wireless carriers," said Daniel Ash, president and CEO, CelLynx. "Our 5BARz Road Warrior gives wireless carriers and their customers an affordable, consumer-friendly product that solves network coverage issues."

In late April, 2010, CelLynx announced that 5BARz would launch on during the week of April 26, 2010.

At that time the company also noted that will introduce the CelLynx 5BARz landing page with detailed videos, photos and a promotion. was an early internet destination leader not only in selling products online but in marketing them as well.

" is an essential outlet for building our 5BARz brand," said Barry George, CMO, CelLynx. "Their customers are highly interactive and the reach online with its e-mail marketing, Buy TV and the Affiliates Program is second to none. I am excited about our launch and look forward to great results."

Regarding, CelLynx noted that, with more than 12 million customers, is a leading retail marketplace, focused on providing its customers with a rewarding shopping experience and a broad selection of high-quality technology and entertainment retail goods at everyday low prices. offers millions of products in a range of categories, including consumer electronics, computer hardware and software, cell phones, books, music, DVDs, games, toys, bags, fragrance, home and outdoor, baby, jewelry, shoes, apparel and sporting goods.

In May, 2010, CelLynx announced that the 5BARz Road Warrior was now available for purchase on

"We are pleased to add to our list of retailers to reach more and more cell phone users who are continuously frustrated by dropped calls and slow internet," said Barry George, CMO, CelLynx. "Now all customers can use our breakthrough technology, the 5BARz Road Warrior, to enjoy clear calls and faster internet on their mobile devices."

The company also noted that the 5BARz Road Warrior delivers full cell phone signal strength and up to 20x faster Internet in "dread" zones with the weakest network carrier coverage. It is a winner of the International CES Innovations 2010 Design and Engineering Award. The device can be used from any location where power is available, including vehicles, homes, offices or hotel rooms. Unlike the more costly conventional, professional-grade cell phone boosters or repeaters, the 5BARz Road Warrior requires no installation, external cabling or antennas.


Headquartered in Mission Viejo, California, CelLynx produces and markets plug 'n play mobile phone cell signal amplification technology. CelLynx 5BARz Road Warrior is the first portable, cellular network extender delivering faster internet and clearer calls to mobile phones being used indoors or in vehicles.

Unlike competing technologies, CelLynx's patent-pending 5BARz technology does not require any installation, outside antennas or cables. It capitalizes on widespread customer dissatisfaction with indoor and vehicular cell phone coverage, and on the phenomenal worldwide growth of voice, data and video applications on cellular networks. The 5BARz Road Warrior is fully compliant with FCC regulations and its patent-pending low power emissions make the unit transparent to cellular networks


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