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Real Estate Development: China Housing Extends Gov't Agreement

December 7, 2010 (FinancialWire) (Go to for all of today’s featured news.) — China Housing & Land Development, Inc., (NASDAQ: CHLN) said that it has signed an extended cooperation agreement with the Xi'an Baqiao District Government to extend its cooperation agreement to exclusively develop 487 acres of land in the Baqiao area for another five years expiring in June 2016.

According to the company's extended cooperation agreement with the Baqiao District Government, at the beginning of each year, China Housing will prepare its annual development project work plan related to the Company's exclusive 487 acres within the Baqiao area and have it approved by the Baqiao District Government.

The annual work plan will include the detailed projects that will be started during that year, and the Baqiao District Government is responsible for the land clearance.

China-based China Housing is a developer of residential and commercial properties in northwest China. China Housing has been engaged in land acquisition, development, and management, including the sales of residential and commercial real estate properties through its wholly-owned subsidiary in China, since 1992.


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