Star Registration Launches Augmented Reality App to Explore the Night Sky and Find Named Stars

The star-naming company’s new app makes it easier for those receiving the gift of a named star to locate it

Naming a star after someone special is a gift that the recipient will treasure for a lifetime.”
— Marc Mayr
KONSTANZ, GERMANY, April 6, 2022 / -- Over the past few years, those wanting to give a meaningful gift have looked to the heavens, making naming a star after someone special an increasingly popular option. And now, one company offering this unique gifting option has created an augmented reality app to help star recipients easily find their star in the sky.

Star Registration, the leading provider of star naming services, has recently launched it star-finding app to enhance the excitement of this unique gift. Those who have a star named after them through Star Registration get a certificate of authenticity, a paper celestial map that shows them how to locate their star, and confirmation of their star’s registration on But now, recipients can more easily find their star by downloading Star Registration’s mobile app.

To find their star, recipients start by entering their star registration number into the app. Then, using augmented reality, users can point their phones to the sky and use the onscreen guidance to locate their star in the night sky.

In addition to locating their named star, users can also explore other constellations, planets, and satellites from their current location. Adjustable time settings also allow users to explore the night sky at various times in the past and the future.

“Naming a star after someone special is a gift that the recipient will treasure for a lifetime,” said Marc Mayr, Founder of Star-Registration. “We wanted to make this gift even more special by making it easier to locate their star and explore the sky around it.”

All stars named through Star Registration are visible stars that can be seen throughout the year. In addition to naming a star, the company also offers constellation and binary star naming.

To purchase a name-a-star gift, visit The Star Registration star locating app is available for free download for free on Apple or Android devices.

Marc Mayr
Clauma Marketing