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PreemploymentDirectory.com’s Employment Screening Advice Center blog offers the background check industry an important service to drive continuous improvement.

We launched the blog to provide another channel for suppliers to engage with background check firms in a non-commercial environment, to help improve the candidate experience and to help Job seekers .”
— W. Barry Nixon
ALPHARETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Employment Screening Advice Center offers a regular flow of important content from experts in employment background checking for Employers, Job Seekers and Background Checking Firms to stimulate their thinking and to help them continuously improve.

The following is a list of some of our most recent Guest Post:

Advice for Employers:

• HoundLabs: Marijuana Positivity Rates: What Do They Really Mean?
• CRAzoom - Top Questions HR Managers Ask About PBSA’s Accreditation Program
• Data Facts - Do’s and Don’ts for Handling Adverse Information on a Background Check
• Cisive - How Often Should You Review Your Background Screening Policy?

Advice for Background Check Firms

• Wholesale Screening: The Risk of Negligent Retention: A 12-Month Case Study on Continuous Monitoring
• Orasure: Top 5 Benefits of Selling Oral Fluid as a Background Screener
• SJV Data Solutions - 18 States Have Now Legalized Recreational Marijuana: What CRAs Need to Know

W. Barry Nixon, the creator of the blog is a widely recognized expert on background checking is the co-author of Background Screening Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from an HR and Security Perspective, founder of PreemploymentDirectory.com, and a past recipient of the coveted ‘Most Influential People in Security awarded by Security Magazine.

W. Barry Nixon, said, “the driving force for launching this blog includes creating another channel for suppliers to engage with background check firms in a non-commercial environment as well as to help background screening firms improve the candidate experience and to reduce the tension, anxiety, and sometimes animosity that applicants may have with the background checking process. We also want to help educate job seekers about the background screening process so that they not only are more comfortable with the process, but are better equipped to navigate it to help them get the job they want.’

We believe that each of the main stakeholders in the background checking process will benefit from the information provided and answers to key questions about background checks from industry experts.

We are putting special focus on our, Advice for Job Seekers because we believe that this area does not receive enough attention.

We hope to increase both the attention and value offered to job seekers by sharing expert information with them that:
• increases their knowledge and understanding of the background check process,
• answers key questions they have about background checks,
• helps them to navigate the background check process as they experience it with the goal to make their job search a bit easier, and
• to reduce their problematic behaviors that give background check firms headaches by slowing down the background check process or otherwise
interfering with it.

With this last point in mind, our initial research has shown that some of the top areas that background screening firms experience problems with job seekers include the following:

• Giving incomplete information
• Providing inaccurate information
• Providing false information

Our Employment Screening Advice Center provides an excellent opportunity for suppliers to the background check industry to set themselves apart and stand out by engaging with background checking firms about emerging trends. new technologies, processes, and approaches.

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Please direct any questions to W. Barry Nixon at 1-949-922-5374 or you can email him at wbnixon (at) PreemploymentDirectory.com or contact him on Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/in/w-barry-nixon-426580/

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