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The Discovery House Is Discussing Step One Of The Twelve Steps And The Importance Of Unconditional Surrender

Reseda, April 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reseda, California -

The Discovery House, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Southern California, is urging new and existing patients to take the first step toward recovery from addiction through The Twelve Steps program that it offers. This first step is to admit that one is powerless against the forces of addiction and surrendering to it, in a roundabout way, is the only way to conquer it.

The Twelve Steps are the foundation on which Alcoholics Anonymous, an international worldwide fellowship with a membership of over 2 million that is dedicated to promoting and supporting abstinence-based recovery from alcohol, is based. The Discovery House uses the teachings of The Twelve Steps to promote a substance-free lifestyle and to inculcate in its patients the values necessary to live a long, sober, and fulfilling life. The text of the first step, as originally published by Alcoholics Anonymous, is “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.” These words, though seemingly contrary to the purpose that they are designed to serve, are crucial to breaking through the resistance that those suffering from addiction have. The words imply that one must first, in fact, surrender to win their battle against addiction.

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A lot of individuals who are in the clutches of substance abuse do not acknowledge that they are addicted and instead live in denial, lying to themselves that they can stop when they feel like it. This false sense of security leads to a struggle where the person who is addicted will even end up fighting those willing to support them through their recovery. The solution, according to Alcoholics Anonymous and also the experts at The Discovery House, is accepting that they are, indeed, facing a real problem with addiction that they need to solve. This can be achieved by acknowledging that addiction is a very difficult nut to crack, almost insurmountable due to its vicious nature.

A spokesperson for The Discovery House talks about the center’s emphasis on getting its patients to get started on The Twelve Steps program by saying, “The Twelve Steps program is critical to fostering sustainable recovery. The first step and its call to surrender is, paradoxically, one of the most enduring signs that one is ready to undertake the long and arduous journey against fighting addiction. Recognizing the tough battle that awaits one is the only way to gather the courage to face it. The first step puts one on the path to admitting powerlessness and finding strength and the words can help keep them afloat through the rough waters they need to chart. Our team always has an honest conversation about the importance of admitting powerlessness over alcohol or drugs and finding hope and a renewal of power with The Twelve Steps. Although there are certainly also other very important aspects of the steps to consider, the first step and acceptance of the need for help from a Higher Power (which does not have to be God or at all religious) is the one essential element of beginning down the path of recovery through The Twelve Steps support groups. Anyone struggling with substance addiction is strongly encouraged to reach out to our Admissions team, with questions on the First Step. We will also field all questions on how one can get a foundation for lasting recovery with the help of our facility.”

The Discovery House also holds meetings for NA (Narcotics Anonymous), a fellowship for those who are suffering from addiction but do not relate to the specific trappings of alcohol dependency. The components of an NA meeting include an opening, reciting the serenity prayer, readings of The Twelve Steps and The Twelve Traditions, announcements, introductions, talking about cravings, clean time, a discussion or book reading or a speaker’s session, and finally a prayer to end the proceedings. The addiction treatment center encourages patients to give the NA meetings a chance as everyone has to start their journey towards sobriety from somewhere.

The Discovery House can be contacted at the phone number (818) 452-1676. It is located at 6956 Bertrand Ave, Reseda, CA 91335.


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